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Monday, January 16, 2012

Yesterday I was with Lilly in the ring for something like 10 minutes. Even though I was really bundled up, two things weren't right. 1. The ring is icy. Not all of it, but there are many icy patches. 2. My body was warm but my hands were cold. This picture is Bill in the ring working with Ruby. She did lay down for him. And then got right back up!

Today I met Christine in the ring. It was not any warmer, but I was wearing a few more layers. I also had toe warmers in my mittens. It anyone knows where to find a mitten or glove that has a special pocket in its design to accommodate hand or toe warmers, please tell me! I beg you! In any case, it was bitterly cold today too. Lilly and I carefully walked around the ring. Christine and QTee got a 12 stride trot in, in between icy spots. The forecast calls for icy rain. Oh, I do not like January at all.

12 more weeks of winter? I am not sure I can take it! The amazing thing to me, I mean the most truly amazing thing to me is how the horses do not seem cold at all. Their bodies feel warm. They are trotting around and eating hay as usual. One more amazing thing about these wonderful animals.


lmel said...

Minus 7 here, but warmer as the day went on. Still, yesterday's ride was enough for me! We spent the day doing carpentry in the barn. Harley got off easy. Yes, they are amazing creatures, not fazed at all by the icy wind. Tomorrow brings a mess--yuck!

Anonymous said...

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