It's winter all right

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yes it is definitely winter around here. But in the sun around 11am it is OK with the right clothes on. Of course I am wearing my puffy pants. And my balaklava. And my toes heaters. Once I have all this stuff on, I just hope once I get down in the ring I won't have to pee! I went to Bill's where I had a plan to meet Rachel right around 11. Bill went down to the ring with his tractor to clear away the snow.

I had emailed Jackie K and Christine to say Rachel and I would be in the ring late morning, but I don't think they got my email! It was just Rachel and me. I was trotting around on Lilly and Rachel was with Yogi, not riding, just doing ground work...and I don't know...maybe falling a little in love.

When Bill was finished clearing the snow he came down into the ring to see what we were up to. Here I am spying on his iPhone from Lilly's back.

Bill and Rachel spent a lot of time doing ground work with Yogi. It is amazing how a little ground work can do so much for a horse. The horse learns how to be a good horse and the human learns how to be a good horseowner! Of course, Bill does have a knack for making everything look so easy.

While they were with Yogi, Lilly and I trotted around the ring practicing collection. There were some slippery spots so we didn't canter. Plus, even with her rim pads, she had a tiny bit of ice build-up on her shoes. So it was a quiet day in the ring. But beautiful.

Once the sun starts to drop behind the mountain, it gets really cold. So around 2:30, we called it a day. I gave Lilly a few carrots and headed home. Good brumby. Tomorrow maybe Jackie K and Christine will be out and about. I fear tomorrow will be only for the super hardy!

Here is a funny story: earlier today as I was driving to the dump, I passed a guy who was running his snowblower in a full coverall Carhartt suit. The Carhartt suit was close enough to a beigy skin color that at first I thought the man was naked! HAHAHAHA!! I thought: WOW! What a tough old guy, out in this weather like this! But then I realized my error and laughed at myself for 5 minutes. What a ridiculous person I am.

Nude snowblowing anyone? No, it's just Carhartt.


juliette said...

Ha! I am going to be a nude, ahem, Carhartt rider today! Very funny.

That is so nice of Bill to introduce Rachel to ground work and Yogi. Was Rachel cold? Did she have all the super-duper warm riding equipment you have? You sure are prepared and it sounds like it worked out with a nice ride for you on your sweet Lilly girl.

lmel said...

I want one of those Carhartt suits for winter riding! Went out yesterday for a road ride (avoiding icy patches) and Harley was full of himself! Before we landed on our rears, I turned for home. He half-passed almost the entire way back. What he really wanted to do was run--but no trail access. Lucky you have a ring that gets plowed. That's awesome--Can I borrow Bill?

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