Better be careful what you wish for...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

OK, so maybe I was wishing a little snow would fall. Not a lot, just some fluffy white stuff to make the trees and yard look pretty. This morning when I woke up, it was everywhere. That should quiet all those people who were talking about the winter that wasn't. Personally, I'm not sure how one can think winter has taken a year off just because there isn't any snow by January 11. There's plenty of time left for a blizzard.

I walk for 45 minutes every morning with Getty before work. I happened to have today off because it is Brandon's birthday and I needed to get him a few presents and hang the streamers in the dining room. Plus, I had to find his favorite dessert...which happens to be the very unexciting original cheesecake by SaraLee. In any case, my morning walk took a lot longer because of all the snow. I was really trudging. The snowfall was also very icy making me feel like I was getting pelted by a billion little darts. Ouch! And of course I insisted on gathering kindling which is no easy feat in a foot of snow.

Getty was running and leaping everywhere obviously pleased to be romping in the weather. The more exhausted I became, the wilder she grew. This part of our walk is called Mole Hollow. I also call it the Promised Land because it's all uphill to get there. But once we get in the woods we're protected from the wind and it's not as hilly. Plus, when there's no snow I can make little stone towers in the forest. (Interestingly, sometimes when I revisit my stone towers, a few other have appeared next to them!)


This is our neighbor's goose. He is relatively new and I have named him Ojai because every time I see him I yell, "Ooooh, hi!!!" Does anyone know what kind of goose this is? He's very vocal and honks at me all the time. He is ADORABLE. He is almost never in his duckhouse. I guess he isn't cold. Sometimes I think he shows off for me.

Hope everyone has a nice hot woodstove tonight! And Saralee cheesecake if that's your thing!

Happy Birthday, Brandon!

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Calm, Forward, Straight said...

On a long ago summer camping trip in Vermont, I hiked around a bend in a little river, a suddenly there were scores of stacks of balanced rocks. Some tiny stacks of tiny rocks, and some boulderish too... It was magical. :)

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