Newbie at the Farm!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A while ago a co-worker of mine named Rachel expressed interest in learning to be around horses so I invited her to the farm to meet Lilly. This Saturday we finally made it happen. There I am in my husband's jeans (baggy!) and with the shopping-bag-on-a-stick (scary!) showing Rachel that just because we think a little item might be harmless, a horse might not feel the same way.

Christine was also there on QTee who was feeling so spunky she certainly would have vaulted over those barrels if Christine had let her!

Bill came down too and took a few pictures. He has managed to injure both of his shoulders so he wasn't riding. He is still doing liberty work with Ruby though. He has gotten her to lay down at his feet a few times! Now that is a show of dedication and persistence to say the least.

After doing some groundwork with Lilly to give Rachel an idea of how horses think and how they move their big ole bodies, I got on Lilly and trotted her around. I cantered her and she gave me no guff, so I asked Rachel if she wanted to get in the saddle. Of course she did! I led them around at first, but gave Rachel the opportunity to walk and steer Lilly on her own. At first my brumby would not move. I think she knew Rachel was a newbie. Then Lilly started moving but not in the right direction. I heard Rachel say to Lilly: Hey! Not that way! which my brumby naturally ignored. Rachel said, This is harder than it looks! Aaaahhh yes, we all can't be born horse whisperers!!

On Sunday Christine and I were back at the barn. As we were tacking Lilly and QTee up, they were being verrrry cute drinking water out of this giant bucket together. Lilly was not as cute in the ring. It was very windy and I think it was whippping both Lilly and QTee into a froth. When I asked her for a canter, she went tearing around the ring with a buck like a firecracker. Ummmm, no, Brumby, absolutely not. Who did she was, the Queen of Everything? I did a corrective canter (which was much better) and left it at that.

Christine said QTee's energy was also sky high! Here they are about to go over a tiny obstacle. Christine said it was like QTee was springloaded!! As it was windy and cold and the horses were feeling very wild, we called it a day. I went home and made chicken salad. I can handle a lot of weather adversity: cold, heat, rain, snow, but I do not like wind. It is where I draw the line.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

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Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Windy conditions are challenging. I think the wind riles the riders up too. Then we add to the horse's nuttiness. It's easy to get apprehensive.

Great job sticking with her and ending on a good note! :)

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