Did someone say Birthday?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Today is Bill's birthday! Jackie, Christine and I decided to initiate and carry out Operation Birthday, even though earlier Bill tried to claim that he wasn't celebrating birthdays anymore. Ummm, Bill, we don't think so! Jackie brought pies from a local bakery, Christine made chilli, and I made Bill a video set to music from pictures I have taken around the farm over the last few years. Bill's wife Jackie was there and Brandon and Chris (husband of Christine) came as well. It was great fun.

All of the little dogs were there too! Yip Yip Yip!

Jackie had gotten Bill his own pie. For those of you wondering how old Bill is, I have no idea!

After our celebration, we all headed down to the ring. Jackie went right down with Pokey. She is going to start Liberty training with him.

So I was happy to be in the ring because I wanted to practice some more extended trotting. Only I am not sure how to ask for an extended trot. So it was more like a fast trot with collection. The truth is, Lilly has such a beautiful slow jog I don't know why I am suddenly interested in moving faster. That is not like me at all. Last week we also were practicing the same thing. If you'd like to see the video Bill made of us, just click here.

Christine and I set up the cones so we could follow a pattern while Jackie and Bill worked with Pokey. In this picture you see Christine and QTee about to circle around that cone. When Lilly and I did the circuit, when we got to that cone, Lilly gave me a buck. Brumby, I don't think so. But then, not more than 60 seconds later when Christine and QTee went around that cone, QTee gave a buck in the exact same place. This led to much speculating over why both of them bucked in the exact same spot. Later, Bill walked Ruby around the cone and in the same area she gave a startle. Perhaps the trolls from Trollwood have come looking for us since we have not visited them in a while.

Christine and Bill also tried some different bits for QTee while in the ring. Overall, we all got a good workout. Later tonight I might watch some videos on how to ask for a nice extended trot. Quite a beautiful day.

On the schedule for tomorrow: Lilly will get a new set of shoes with Jackie learning how to pull old shoes off at the Bill School of Hooves and Shoes! Stay tuned!


juliette said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Bill!!!

Fun rides in the ring.

I don't envy Jackie - I don't think I could pull a shoe - I had to pull one once that had fallen half off of Baja (the TB I used to ride) and it was a nightmare. I didn't have Bill to teach me the correct method!

lmel said...

Happy Birthday Bill! Can I come to the Bill School of Shoes and Hooves? I've watched John pull and shoe (and saw an excellent video online), but haven't done it myself. We're keeping everyone barefoot until spring--time off for their feet to grow. Have fun tomorrow!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Happy Birthday Bill!

Having to pull a shoe off of Val the very first week I had him convinced me we should try barefoot. He forges, and apparently stepping on his shoes was a regular affair before I got him.

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