Pedicure for Brumby

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It is already Thursday and just now I am getting to the post I had for SUNDAY! I better get my act together. On Sunday my brumby had the pleasure of getting a pedicure from both Bill and Jackie. It was Jackie's second time of taking shoes off a horse (Bill is teaching her how to trim and shoe), and I think this was first time removing a shoe with clips on it.

Look at this handy tool that snatches up nails that have fallen in the ground but you can't find! There is a nail on it!

First, Bill showed Jackie what to do. To see him remove a shoe, click here! Unless you are Bill, taking a shoe off, like everything else horse, looks much easier to do than it really is. Here is Jackie in the remove-a-shoe crouch! To see two videos of Jackie's progess, click right here and then again right here!

My brumby is the most patient brumby in the entire planet. Jackie was nervous she would take too long taking off the shoe. But she needn't have worried. Lilly was very good, making her an excellent teaching mare. Do you know what I think? I think you need to have a strong back and legs to be a farrier! It looks like a perpetual squat!

There is Lilly's synthetic hoof after taking off the shoe. It was still so solidly attached that it was no different than actual hoof! That is not to say I would rather not have the real hoof. I really wish this missing chunk would grow out! Maybe as the weather gets warmer, Lilly's hoof growth will accelerate.

It was really cold outside, but Bill got plenty warm with all that rasping and measuring and nailing.

After the pedicure it was back down to the ring!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

The faux hoof chunk looks goooood! Way better than a hole. I bet it grows out quick once spring comes.

I had to remove Val's shoes about a week after I got him - one was dangling half off with pointy nails still in. It took me several sessions to get them off and I was sweating bullets. Big respect for farriers!

That Ween song is hilarious btw. ;)

lmel said...

Go Jackie! What a good girl your Brumby was--wish Harley was that patient with the farrier! He's a bit of a curmudgeon but our farrier has the patience of Job. I think it's great that Bill showed you guys how to do this. If I'm brave, I may try and take Harley's shoes off next time for the farrier. For the winter, he gets to go barefoot!

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