February Fake-out

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This weekend Mother Nature was faking us out into thinking it might be March. It would make for excellent riding weather, were it not for the ice on the ground and just under the surface that hasn't melted. Trickster ice. This picture is from Saturday. Christine and I were heading down the road while horsetrader Bill tried to make a sale in the ring. In most places the road is OK, but the trail is still slippery.

Sunday in the sun it was glorious. Christine, you see here, dressed QTee up in some western clothes. QTee has some cow in her so she was hardly complaining.

Off we went: me and Lilly, Christine and QTee and Bill on Freddie.

We rode up to the Big Pasture where the other horses are....

...and then kept going into the Winter Pasture...where no horses happen to be wintering this year.

Back outside that pasture, Christine and QTee headed back to the barn while Bill and I forged on into the Blueberry Pasture. We were halfway down the first side of it when Freddie began to whinny and give Bill a bit of a hard time. I said to my brumby, "Don't get any ideas!" Then Freddie settled down and we walked the perimeter of the pasture without incident.

Both horses wanted to nibble all the brown hay and grass in the pasture. Even though it looked dead and unpalatable, they seemed to like it very much.

And then we headed home. Back at the barn Christine said 15 minutes after she and QTee left us, QTee had whinnied loudly several times while arriving at the Big Pasture and the other horses. This explains why Freddie was whinnying. He could hear QTee when we could not!

Tomorrow, I'll be celebrating President's Day in the saddle. Many thanks to Washington and Lincoln for giving me anther day with my brumby.


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lmel said...

Your snow cover is about like ours--thin and spotty, but plenty of ice in places! I'll be happy when the ice is gone. The good news--it's maple syrup season. Ditto to your comment about President's Day--another day to spend with our horses, yipee!

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