Sunny with a Chance of Huge Wind Gusts

Friday, February 24, 2012

Those look like little porcupine quills on my sleeve but really, they are out-of-focus brumby hair! This is scientific proof that the days are getting longer! Lilly is shedding a little! This past Monday, on behalf of Presidents Washington and Lincoln, I got up on the early side and zoomed over to see Lilly. It seemed like a beautiful day.

School was out all week so Jackie came over and did some Liberty work with Pokey. Here she is teaching him to whoa while she runs all over. You can just see her in this picture circling around the barrel. I went down to the ring to break up the ice in all the hoof divets and to set up my obstacle course for some quality ring work. Although these pictures make it look perfect outside, the wind was loathesome. First-- it was cold, and second, it was so gusty and scary, I knew my obstacle course event was doomed.

Sure enough, Lilly was greatly crabby and distracted. Jackie watched as she gave me a buck and then confessed she was glad she wasn't the only one with a horse with a tendency to misbehave. I don't know why my brumby must fight with me for title of Queen. Doesn't she know that I reign supreme? In this picture you see the foam noodles that I was using for poles. They bent gracefully in the wind like palm fronds in Florida. Minus the awesome Florida warmth. Then it was so windy some of the cones with their fronds flopped over. Yes, the wind was infuriating.

Bill came down in the ring and worked with QTee a little bit. In the end I was at the farm for three hours. Then I got in my Toyota and drove to Target which is like home away from home for me. Isn't that terrible? I should not admit things like that. They don't even sell horse tack there.

This weekend it might rain. We shall see.


juliette said...

I love Target too and hate wind. It is gusting horribly outside the window this very second. Do you take Getty to Target? They probably allow Getty in Target in the Bay State. Not so in the Keystone State.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Target would be purrrr-fect with a tack department. Though it's close even without. Not afraid to profess my love of good design, clean aisles and not really too high prices.

Big winds here also. Oddly - Val and Cowboy spazzed out something fierce day before yesterday when it was calm. Today - zombie horses...

Angel from Montgomery (♡). Is that Bonnie Raitt singing too?!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How interesting that her horse was standing on the only dry mound in the arena. lol! Looks wet there. And I do despise the wind, too. Makes my eyes water..makes me squint(can you say, wrinkles?!) and makes my nose run....not to mention how crabby it makes the horses...mine included.
I love your idea of using pool noodles as poles. Brilliant!
And I could so envision them being palm trees gentle (!) blowing in the warm breeze. lol!

Tar-jhay! My favorite, too!


ps...thanks for your fabulous comments you always leave for me. You know just how to make me smile and lift my spirits. Gosh darn it. Why don't we live closer??!!

lmel said...

We had incredible gusts here too, in fact, it's still blowing pretty hard. Amazingly enough, I had a good ride with Harley. I expected him to be spazzing out--what a nice surprise, kind of like the drill episode! :)
Ha, Target--that would be great if they sold tack. I've only been in one once, probably because they had no tack. And I almost went to a tack shop today, thinking it was too windy to ride. Saved myself some money and had a nice afternoon/evening at the barn. Let's hope the wind quits for Sunday!
Lisa at Laughing Orca is right--your posts make me smile too.

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