The Wicked, Wicked Wind

Sunday, February 26, 2012

It has been so windy around here that on Saturday the stop sign in the corner of our yard blew over. Flopped right over onto the ground. Over at Bill's, where any weather condition is always 20 times more extreme, the wind was ferocious. So I spent the day with Brandon and Kestrel looking for a new futon instead of with my brumby. This is Kestrel on a couch I really wanted. It was Queen of all Couches. Unfortunately, I think only royalty could afford it.

On Sunday it was not nearly as windy. I tacked my brumby up and walked her down the road to where it wasn't so icy and then got on her to ride where the road gets more sun. She took time to smell the, the ferns.

My brumby was ambling along so slowly, she heard every snap and crack in the woods. It is really best to keep her moving so she can concentrate on her feet, not the dragons that might come chasing after her. Once we switched directions and were heading back to the barn, you can well imagine how her little feet were prancing along much more quickly.

That pasture over there is the blueberry pasture, looking very much like it is under a blueberry sky.

Bill four-wheeled out to check on me...probably because of the icy patches. He said he was relieved not to find two carcasses along the road. What a thought!

While in the neighborhood, he snapped my photo.

On the way home, we found Cody and Bella in the Pig Pasture.

My brumby was such a good sport about the tricky road conditions. She knew exactly where she wanted to put her feet. Only in one instance did I murmur a little Debbie Boone in her ear. I am thinking of switching to Merle Haggard.

Back at home I had to prepare for our Oscars party, Party of two, that is. Do you think I am too snobby to use a boxed cinnamon crumb cake? Not a chance.

Only 40 minutes to yum!!


juliette said...

Oh, I love Blueberry Pasture and Big Pasture and Cinnamon Crumb cake and piggy timers and Brumby's little feet hurrying homeward and Bella's fluffy foretop blocking her view and...and...and...everything in your world. How lucky are you?!?

baystatebrumby said...

Juliette, you are a very dreamy reader.

Once Upon an Equine said...

That does look like a fabulous couch; and those pillows are very pretty too.

You and Brumby are good winter warriors. You don't let the cold and snow stop you.

Pretty pictures and adorable piggy timer.

lmel said...

What a wind, huh? I know just what you mean about the "dragons" in the woods and the quick step for home--aren't they funny creatures? I was glad to get back to the barn last night as the wind howled up the hill--my face was getting cold! Looks like we're in for more snow this week.
Love your piggy timer!

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