Let It Snow

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wednesday of this week we finally got enough snow to make all the skiers and the snowmobilers happy. I tried taking a picture of Getty and me with the camera's timer and all I got was a whole bunch of white. Which perhaps is fitting, because for a day, this is all you saw.

I confess I do not like March and the first half of April. Everything emerges from the winter looking so ratty and tired. Not fresh and pretty. So I thought snow on February 29 and into March 1 was perfect.

I thought I might get a snow day from work, and was all set to power over to Bill's in my Toyota. We had a delay, but no cancellations. Rats. Not to worry, on Saturday I tacked up Lilly and headed out on the trail into the snow.

It was The Most Gorgeous Trail Ride of the Year. And guess who forgot her camera? I wish I had pictures to detail how beautiful it looked out there. The trees were bent over under the weight of the snow. And when we'd ride by, it would all fall off and the tree would spring back in a quiet wuuuuufffffffff. Then a mini snowfall would come down on us. like a zillion little tiny stars.

Saturday my Uncle Jim came to visit! He is the most wonderful human. You think he looks kindly and sweet (which he is), and then he makes the most edgy and humorous wisecrack and you have to look at him twice before you burst out laughing.

By the way, the verb for bursting into laughter in French is eclater de rire.

And if you want to tell your brumby not to be afraid, you say, Il n'est pas necessaire d'avoir peur, brumby. Je suis ici.

Hope all of you had a sparkling weekend.


lmel said...

Beautiful snow shots! We got dumped on too, but no riding yet because I too, had to go to work :( And then it rained and turned to slop, and now it's frozen--dang! Thanks for enjoying the snow for me and sharing.

juliette said...

Gorgeous snow - lovely Brumby and Getty and Colleen! Very sweet photos.

I think your Uncle has an impish twinkle in his eyes! I can believe what you say - he looks like he might be up to something!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Your description of that snow ride was perfect so I could imagine it and enjoy it :)
I had an Uncle Jim too that was my FAVE :)

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