Blissing Out

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The weather has been so warm this weekend. It was impossible to stay away from riding...not that I would anyway. When I got to the farm on Saturday, this is what was happening: a whole lot of nothing. While Bill met some people interested in buying a horse, Lilly and I went down the road for a nice ride. It was a nice ride for a while but was eventually done in by a number of factors, all of them centering around Getty who decided she, out of the blue, was afraid of Lilly. More on that later.

The next day I was back, sans doggie, at the barn where Bill was just about to deworm Lilly. I ended up doing it and felt very bad for my brumby having to eat such yucky looking paste. Here is Jackie giving Pokey his dewormer.

Then we went out of the trail: Bill on Glitter, Christine on QTee, me on Lilly and Jackie on Pokey.

It was a beautiful ride. Bill kept having technical difficulties with his camera. All of the footage he thought he was getting--the camera wasn't even on!

The kind of day where everything is just perfect. For a short video clip of our ride, just click here

We went to Archie MacLeish's little studio which Jackie thought would be an excellent painting studio. Maybe the owners would rent it to her!

I hope everyone had a good time this weekend.


lmel said...

Beautiful weekend for a ride! I love the views on your video. We got in a short ride Sunday--now that the days are long. Yipeee!

Paint Girl said...

I love that first picture! Thank you so much for the super sweet comment on my blog about my retirement! All I need now is some warm weather so I can get outside and ride!!
That is a cute little cabin! Love it!!

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