Magnificent March

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's like May in March! It's warm and sunny and perfect weather for lounging around in the pasture. Bill sent me this photo this past week while I was at work. As you can see, my brumby is really sacked out. I'm glad she is getting her Zzzzs while I am hard at work. At least someone is having fun!

There was plenty of fun to be had this weekend though, with warmer temps abounding. On Saturday I went to Bill's with Brandon because I needed someone to help me film my horse video I am submitting to a tiny film festival in my town. We got some great shots and plus, I got to ride Bella in the ring. Then on Sunday it was time to hit the trail.

Bill was riding Bella, Bill's resident haflinger. Because Bella felt nervous riding in front of Lilly (who wouldn't pass at an opportunity to bite her), QTee and Christine went first, then Lilly and me, and then Bill and Bella. Bill is usually way out in front. He likes to adventurously keep things moving along, so I think today he was falling asleep back there behind me and my pokey brumby. When we landed back out on the road, Bill and Bella quickly sped up ahead. As you can see, waaaay up ahead. I guess Bill and Bella had had enough of being stuck behind us dawdlers!

Now here is a most exciting thing: The Return to Trollwood! Right up in front of Bill, between those two birch trees, is the passageway into a land of potential trolls, startling landscape, and possibly daredevilly adventure. Lilly did have one significant spook in there, but strangely enough as we were having a meltdown, QTee and Bella were 100% unfazed.

Bill is letting Bella take a drink of some nice Trollwoody water.

Here is Bill in the midst of persuading Bella to cross a little creek. There is a bridge there but Bill isn't sure it could support the weight of the horses. Now that would be a very bad idea--to break your horse's leg in some rotting, rickety bridge. So we always trek through the creek. Some horses are better at it than others.

Bella wasn't having it. Of course, she's been out in the Big Pasture for months just frolicking on her own terms and with no creeks to cross. So overall, her behavior on the trail was excellent. In the end she crossed the creek perfectly...when following QTee.

Uh oh. Looks who's dawdling again.

If I could get another horse. I'd get Bella. I've said this before: riding her is like riding a curious little gnome who likes to bustle unflappably all over the place. Plus, who doesn't love a haflinger? They are 100% charming.

I couldn't resist putting in this picture of Glitter who was so comfy when this picture was taken, that she kept flopping deeper and deeper into slumber.

Nightie Night, everyone.


Once Upon an Equine said...

Lucky horses. We humans should get a nap every day too.
Your ride looks great! I love the road and trollwoods. Fun!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

That first picture of the horsey nap party is awesome. Also loving the pix of your beautiful ride. What an amazing place you have to trail ride - lucky you and your brumby!!

Paint Girl said...

I am so happy you are getting such gorgeous weather! We woke up this morning to snow!?! It rarely snow in the middle of March! It is supposed to continue raining the rest of the week so I have no idea when I will be able to get my horses going!

ltd said...

I really love your first picture.

lmel said...

I think your Trollwoods are as magical as some of my spots! The best way to see the natural world, from atop your horse!
Love the picture of Lily snoozing in the March sun.

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