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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday I was on my own. Bill was still out of town, Christine wasn't feeling well and Jackie had plans with her daughters. Here's Charlie in the pasture feeling none too threatened by me coming around.

I wanted to go back in the same direction of yesterday, to the fields that had Lilly and Pokey all worked up. It was drizzly so Lilly was tack free. We were all going to walk ourselves. Before we left, Lilly took a long drink out of her fave pink bucket.

Our first excitement was passing these guys who belong to Bill's neighbor. One is a quarterhorse and I am not sure what the other two are. They were very interested in my pretty brumby. Getty spied some chickens here so we had to hurry on. (Interestingly, if I am not riding Lilly, Getty has had no problem following along.) At the next farm I heard some more clucking, so we had to hurry past that one too.

So we arrived in the first field without too many troubles. The lady with the wheelbarrow was nowhere in sight, but do you know my brumby stopped at exactly the spot where she saw that woman yesterday and looked around suspiciously? You cannot pull the wool over her eyes! You can however, apparently not feed her enough. At every opportunity, she was snatching at whatever haylike substances she could find.

Do you see what I mean? Muchamunchmuncha. It was quite obnoxious actually, all the grass-snatching. But we carried on. We passed two horses near here who had a major kerfuffle as we went by, galloping around their pasture with their tails straight up in the air so it was like they had flags streaming behind them. I have never seen my own horse do that with her tail. Maybe just certain breeds do that.

I decided to circle a farm that Bill's neighbors own...the same neighbors who own the three horses from the earlier picture. Here is brumby trying to get a bite of hemlock.

It was pretty beautiful, that farm. Naturally my brumby was too engrossed in the grass to pose for this picture. The most annoying thing about this walk was that I had a cowbell with me to keep bears away. Do you know how grating a cowbell can sound when it is clanging in your ear for three hours? Oy vey.

We were very careful to skirt the perimeter of these fields and not run willy nilly across the farm. About this time Lilly had settled down and was ambling along like her old self. She has walked around this farm before. But it's been a few years since then.

I thought this red barn was so classic and eyecatching that a fine Paint in front of it would make a fabulous picture, something straight out of an americana book. You see how well Lilly participated. All she wanted to do was eat. You should have heard the noises I was making to get her to look up. Some of them were scary and weird. She could not have cared less.

We passed some mini donkeys.

And then we passed through another cornfield.

I missed riding my brumby. But walking along with her was nice too.

Here is my brumby thinking, What are you doing? And why?

Back at the farm the donkeys were all ears, hoping they'd hear me cutting the baling twine off of their night time hay. There are few things cuter than a donkey's ear.

Happy Sunday Night, to one and all!


Anonymous said...

A lot of pictures. I like 'Lilly in front of the barn' the best.

Paint Girl said...

Love that red barn! I would love to have that in my back yard. I love your Lilly walk! I do that and let them graze on all the super green grass in the spring.

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