Over the River and Through the Woods

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Those of you who have your horses on your own property are very lucky. But I am lucky too to have such a nice place for my horse to live, even if it isn't my own backyard. I can get to Bill's in ten minutes. All I need to do is get to the other side of the little mountain in this picture.

And then I will be with my brumby. Last Sunday Bill pulled Lilly's shoes. They were very ready to come off. And then this past Monday, Lilly's delicate and complicated feet were tender again.

So today when Christine and I headed out on the trail, I put Lilly's Renegade boots on her. They are my fave boots for her. But whenever we go through really wet mud, I always check to make sure they have stayed on. I did lose one once in the mud. One of the pitfalls of the Renegade boot is that it's held on with velcro. And when velcro gets good and muddy, it is not very velcro-y.

Our ride was wonderful. It even started out sunny. Here is my brumby stopping to admire some spring daffodils.

When we got back, I went with Bill to get some hay. He stores it a few roads over in Willie Gray's old barn. In fact, it is Willie Gray's family who grows the hay. It smells scrumptious.

When I was taking these pictures I kept thinking that my camera lens was dirty. Nope, that's all the hay dust flying around.

This was the first time I have helped Bill with getting hay. There is a little conveyor belt that lugs each bale up to where Bill is at the truck. I put the bales on the belt and when they got to the truck, Bill stacked them up.

Look! You can hardly see Bill behind that huge pile of hay!

I think Bill said 43 bales will fit in his truck. The hay isn't tied down so he has to drive very carefully back home.

And then back at home, most of the bales go in this hay shelter right by the pasture.

Who is that peeping around the shelter to see what is going on with all the yummy hay?

My brumby was very intent on getting her hay. Bill has tried to tell me what a grump she is at hay time. It's all about the pecking order. She tries to assert her authority by (literally) throwing her weight around. I say "try" because Lilly is not at the top of the herd. If you'd like to see how she attempted to defend her hay pile today, all you will need to do is click right here to see a short video clip of her trying to boss QTee around. She really likes to paste her ears to her head!

There is Lilly finally getting her precious hay. As if we'd starve her!

Then we took a little hay up to the BP where it was a MANE event!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

GO brumby GO! Tell Qtee it's time to step aside.

(Mane event - ha!) ;)

juliette said...

Happy Spring in Brumby land with Bill and the gang. Your hay looks fabulous. Bill stacks that truck full - do you lose bales on the ride back?
My Pie runs the show and plasters his ears and throws his weight around. I don't like him when he is like that. Sovey plasters his ears. Only little Foggy is kind, but he is low man on the hay totem pole. Nature isn't always easy for me to watch!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

There is nothing like getting a barn full of hay, eh? Thank you for always leaving such sweet, supportive comments on my blog!! xoxo
p.s. Is that a home-made hay manger that Bill made?

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