Sunday, April 15, 2012

That's Lilly getting close to Jodie. Sometimes these two are arch rivals. Other times (like now) they get along just fine. Saturday I slept too late and missed Christine and Jackie K who were at Bill's by 11am so Rosalie could have a riding lesson. I moseyed over to the barn around 1. I had Lilly's West Nile vaccine and in less than a single second Bill had gotten out the needle and given Lilly a poke with it. Voila, c'est fini. Lilly didn't even know what happened.

It was a gorgeous day and we headed out on the trail. I love how Jodie's bum has little shapes on it.

We did the Ridge Trail and then headed over to Trollwood.

I remain notorious for losing crops on the trail. Right before Bill snapped this picture, I had just dismounted to grab my crop, which for some unknown reason, had ended up on the ground!

Here I had to dismount again for an emergency bug spray application. Lilly was shaking her head like the bugs were in her ears and driving her to madness. So I had to get the OFF out. (I usually use the natural stuff, but this is all Bill had in his pommel bag)

Here we are on the Lower Loop trail, where there is one fabulous canter spot. However, I am currently overly- protective of Lilly's shoeless feet. So even though she was wearing her Renegades, we kept it at a walk. I am hoping her feet will get tough and callousy in the next few weeks. Although there is nothing better than a good canter, I also love a nice stroll. Especially when I am supposed to be learning tree identification. (My grade so far: C-. Too much yammering, not enough studying.)

Today I was back out on the trail, this time with Christine (on QTee) and Jackie (on Jodie--note the little shapes again). I took this picture during a stop to give the dogs some treats. Thank goodness for Christine's ability to remember dog treats for the trail!

It was another great trail ride, the branches on the ground that kept clinging to Lilly's tail and dragging behind her notwithstanding. You never know when she might think a branch following her is a wolverine or something. But she was excellent. You could easily say she was perfect. And without Pokey, was Jackie K falling in love with Jodie?????

Finally, I have included a picture of the latest in rabbit hutch fashion for the home. Brandon made this for two of our rabbits. It even has an upstairs (which so far they have ignored). They love this place so much that they hardly ever come outside to mingle with us anymore. They come out, inspect their premises, nibble a few houseplants down to nothing and then dart back inside. It's not even a hutch really. It's a Townhouse.

Sunday night already? Say it isn't so!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Monday must come... wahhhhh. It sounds like you had a wonderfully horsey weekend though!

That rabbit hutch, I mean townhouse, is so awesome. Makes you wish you were a rabbit. ;)

lmel said...

Sounds like a great weekend of riding. I'm still looking for a crop John dropped last year--but it's brown, just like all the sticks. I've learned to always buy bright colors.
Yes, unfortunately Monday must come--dang! That's ok, Friday is a day off to go to the Dover Saddlery Tent sale! And then a ride in the afternoon.

Paint Girl said...

I love the rabbit hutch!! Too cool!
You always have such fun rides!! I will be hitting the trails soon!!!

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