Nobody Does It Better than my Brumby

Sunday, April 29, 2012

 It was pretty windy this weekend, but I figured I might as well go down to the ring and see what happened. On Saturday Bill was in the round pen with Ruby. Naturally, Lilly is much better in the ring when another horse is down there too.

 Lilly's tail shows that there was some wind...but then at other moments there was none. I set up some cones and started  Lilly trotting around them. Then we cantered. I'm trying to learn how to be a better canterer. When Lilly canters she thinks it's time to move faster. So I am always cantering with both hands. I'd like to learn a real western lope, so I can lope around one-handed like a real cowgirl.

 While Bill and I were down in the ring, the other horses were enjoying the day by snoozing it away. First I looked up and saw Yogi sacked out.

 Then, a few minutes later, someone else was down for the count. Bella!

 I had to get a closer look to make sure she was not dead. 

 Nope, alive. Alive and totally gorgeous.

The next day (that would be today) Christine and I met to do some more ring work. The wind was worse than Saturday but down in the ring it was tolerable. Christine discovered a cut on QTee's fetlock so she bandaged her up and sent her back to the pasture. Then Christine came down to the ring with me and Lilly and helped us with some cantering. I don't have pictures of that, but it was verrrrry helpful. The trick is to canter in smaller and smaller circles and then back out again.Does anyone else have a horse as stupendously wonderful as mine? is doubtful, although I do know a few that come close!

Did anyone watch the Rolex this weekend? I sure wish the networks took it a little more seriously.


Paint Girl said...

I only watched the last half hour of the rolex. I didn't even realize it was on til it was almost over.
In my quest to get Brandy to slow down her lope is the same, lope smaller circles. I will just use one end of my arena. But she has a harder time going slow at the lope. Not all horses can do it. For example, Fritzy has a to die for western pleasure jog but she has a hard time getting her hind end under her to get that slow wp lope. But it's ok, they aren't show horses!! I love them the way they are!

lmel said...

How about that wind? But it surely kept the bugs away, which was a blessing! Since I don't have TV, I missed Rolex, but then, this country does such a lousy job of covering equine events, I just wait to see pics and video on line. I see Parklane Hawk, an OTTB won!
Love your pics of the snoozing horses. Ah, spring sunshine is the best.

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