Riding a Little Rhino

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today I had multiple things to do in the AM, but was able to squeeze a ride in at 3pm. Christine was able to join me  but QTee, still ailing from her cut fetlock, was not able to join us. So, because we had the dogs and wanted a trail ride, I took Bella and Christine rode Lilly. Riding Bella is like riding a little rhino. She wants to go charging all over. She is also very stocky, being a bona fide Haflinger. Christine said from behind I looked like I was nearly doing the splits!

I continue to love Bella even though she's not as well trained as Lilly. Bella is a wiggle worm and isn't as good at standing still. So I didn't get too many pictures. When I went to grab the camera, she was zooming off down the trail! I have a split second to get the camera turned on, aim and fire! (With Lilly, there's time to make and eat a sandwich before she's ready to move on.)  So here is Christine ambling along behind us on Lilly. One thing about Bella:. She has the best whoa of any horse I have ridden. When you ask her to stop, she STOPS. And then she's speedily walking off again!

Bill accused me of looking sour when we came back from our ride. But really, the ride I had on Bella was exactly as I thought it was going to be. Challenging, but far from impossible. Riding Bella is how Brandon feels when he drives my car. He says the car is so different from his Saab, it feels like if he stops paying attention for a minute, the car is going to lift off the road and do something wild. Whereas the Saab will essentially drive itself. With Bella, I always pay attention. She may get a little naughty at times, but she is not bad.  In fact, in my eyes, she is the darling of the farm.

After our ride we hurried home to watch the Derby. I am not a big racehorse fan. But I can't resist watching.


Camryn said...

Just gotta love Haflingers. Always make your butt look smaller from behind. At least in my case anyway.

lmel said...

Like riding a rhino--I love it!

Paint Girl said...

I have never ridden a Haflinger, but the barn where my horses were in training years ago bred them. They are cute horses! Must be a lot different then Lilly!! Sounds like fun!

juliette said...

I love when you ride Bella! She is so little and cute and more like my horses than your adorable, dependable sweetie pie, Lilly. The fact that you can't shoot museum quality photos out on a ride sounds fair to me. I am always so jealous of your Lilly (who gives you enough time to make a sandwich - good horse) because I can barely take any photos on rides. You and Bill are making movies out there in wonderland and I am hanging on for dear life as my boys stop for half a second! Bella is good practice for when you come to PA and stay with me and ride!!!!

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