Journey to the East

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday Brandon and I ventured to the Uxbridge area to visit Karen P and her family. Karen is a fellow horse lover I met through Bill. She and her hubster Paul had a big ole piece of granite intended to be a kitchen countertop, and it just so happens that my husband can fabricate any kind of stone. Here is Brandon in Karen and Paul's backyard cutting out the hole for the sink from the slab of granite. He looks Amish! But the hat was for the sun, and the rubber pants are because when you cut stone, you run a lot of water over it. The water cools the diamonds that cut the stone...and it also minimizes dust flying all over.

There is Brandon standing in the sink! It took a long time for Brandon and Paul to get the stone cut to the actual specifications of the kitchen. It's not like cutting wood. Then the cut edges must be polished...and beveled.  However, while the guys were working, Karen and I were able to do some horsey things.

There's Karen with her horse Misty! They have appeared on my blog before. Misty had a big needle stuck up in her frog earlier this year. It was an old farm needle, one for sewing up sheep from the old days. How it ended up in Misty's foot is anyone's guess, but it probably was just out in the pasture and suddenly unearthed itself. Misty is an Arab cross. She's not as tall as Lilly and has a shorter back. I love her white eyelashes.

Karen is lucky enough to literally have her horse right in her own backyard. That's her house in the background!

Misty will follow you anywhere. Looks like she wants something behind that door..... some hay! That's the hay room. I found it very peaceful in there, like a place to read a good book or take a nap. Or hide!

Karen has a couple really great tack shops in her neighborhood. Naturally, we headed to one almost immediately. I was verrry excited because most of my horse stuff I order through catalogs. There aren't any great tack shops particularly close to me. I don't usually get to slowly browse.

The girls at the tack shop were super friendly. This is Megan. Her mare is about to deliver a foal. Any time now! It was so fun to hear her talking about it. She had a video feed right there in the store to her mare's (whose name is Shay) stall. Shay was a very round paint. We love our paints!

There is Karen posing with Leah from the store. At first Leah tried to get out of having her picture taken. But we convinced her to agree. If you are ever in eastern Mass and need some horse tack, you must go visit Megan and Leah at the Saddle Shed. I saw lots of things I wanted there but settled on a pink fly bonnet with sparkles and some new half chaps (black with pink stitching).

It was such a marvelous day!


lmel said...

Oooh--love going to tack shops! The only kind of really fun shopping and such an easy way to drop a lot of money! Do you find the crochet ear bonnets better than a full face mask for the bugs? I find the mesh ones are still kind of hot.

juliette said...

Your towns and villages all sound like they are in England - Uxbridge! Duh. I guess that is why it is called New England.

Love Brandon's Amish look. He is one talented man!

Glad you got to visit Karen P.

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