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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 Last weekend I didn't have my camera out because, as I posted, I was too busy riding in the ring to get decent photos. Uh-oh. Bill sent me these pictures from this weekend that make it look like I was doing a lot of standing around. That's Jackie on Pokey, and Ruby inside the round pen. Here it is Mother's Day and not one child around. HAH!

And there is Christine on Charlie. I love Charlie because he is sweet and round. With QTee getting older, and currently out of commission  because of the cut on her fetlock, Christine has been riding Charlie. He looks verrrry much like Ruby. I think Bill said they have the same grandfather. This grandfather must have had wild hair, because both Ruby and Charlie have the world's most thick and gorgeous manes.

I hate how blubbery my arms look in this picture. Bill sent this to me and I wrote back telling him how fat I look. I guess I am one of those girls. Don't you love those puffy clouds in the sky? Maybe Robert Redford will come around and make a beautiful horse film about us riders in Massachusetts. Let's hear it for the Bay State! I did do some riding--I mean some real riding in the ring. I got Lilly up in a nice canter. But at the trot, I noticed her head was nodding. I took her back up to the house to show Bill. But the nodding did not reappear. That brumby. Is she smart enough to nod only in the ring to get out of a lesson? (Bill does not think so.)

This will be Jackie's album cover when she makes her first album. It could be called Sunshine on My Brumby.

 I am sorry to say it is turkey season around here. Don't worry, big guy. You are safe if you stay in the pasture!

 Look at those turkeys hanging around the Big Pasture! I think that is Cody there nibbling away with a few turkish friends.

One more thing: On my last post I mentioned a rhubarb pie. It just so happens my old guy neighbor has a giant patch of rhubarb and he said I could pick some if I wanted. I picked about 15 stalks (under close supervision) and made a pie. It was delicious if I don't say so myself! So here's the [extremely easy] recipe:

4 cups chopped rhubarb
1 1/3 cup sugar (perfect for a sugar addict like me...no wonder I have blubbery arms)
6 TBSP all purpose flour
1 TBSP butter
9 inch pie shell

1. preheat to 450
2. combine sugar and flour, sprinkle 1/4 of it over pie crust
3. heap rhubarb over this mixture (I added several strawberries too because I love strawberries)
4. sprinkle remaining flour and sugar on top of heap
5. dot with butter
6. place pie on lowest rack in oven. Bake for 15 minutes. reduce oven temp to 350. continue baking for 40-45 minutes

 Voila, the yummiest and simplest pie you will ever make.


Paint Girl said...

Crazy turkeys! I bet all the horses are pretty sensitized to those guys!! No wild turkeys around these parts, at least I have never seen any!

Frizzle said...

Those are some cute turks! Hopefully they will hang around in the pasture instead of ending up on someone's dinner plate. Down here we have wild peacocks, which still cracks me up and makes me feel like I'm living at the Playboy mansion or in some exotic country. Love seeing them walking around the neighborhood or hanging out on rooftops!

lmel said...

FAT! You don't look fat at all--and all that riding is exercise, n'est pas?
We've too have a lot of turkeys in the pastures, by the barn, in the woods, everywhere. I hope they're eating the ticks!
It's vacation week for me--so that means hours in the saddle and avoiding work around the house. :)

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