Rain Train

Saturday, July 28, 2012

When my co-worker, the one who obsessively checks things like the weather channel every 20 minutes, announced that it was going to rain all weekend, I can't say I was upset. It's been so dry around here. And the hay will not grow without the rain! As it turned out, I felt pretty crappy on Saturday anyway so when it rained for hours, I could feel less guilty about not riding my brumby. I have ridden in the rain before, but today, I sat it out.

 Well. Sort of sat it out. I had planned to spend the day lounging around like a cluster of housecats. But with Brandon out of town, someone had to get Getty her exercise! So we donned our raingear and out we went.

We started at one of our favorite cornfields. There is corn in this field, farther to the right of the frame. As Getty gets older, she is happier, it seems to me, in wide open spaces. Maybe this is a clue to her mixed (an unknown) pedigree. Border Collie maybe. Because can't you just see a flock of sheep scurrying across this pasture? With a kennel of Getties protecting it?

We carried on and decided to go up Bullit Road. The road is named for William C. Bullitt , the first U.S ambassador to the Soviet Union. He bought 3000 acres on this road as a country retreat a billion years and years ago. More recently, it has been turned into the Bullitt Reservation and is protected land. Getty and I thought we'd go check it out.

At first Bullitt Road is paved with new asphalt. And then the pavement ends. Getty was looking pretty soggy in her crooked raincoat. But we pushed on. Because once a road is just a dirt road, it gets a lot more interesting.

 We passed a lot of land that I thought would be very nice pasture for some happy horses; a rag of colts perhaps...or a stud of mares. Then this sign appeared. A dissimulation of birds, then!

At the top of the hill, you come across the old Bullitt house..which is completely renovated. No one was around. It was just us. In the rain.

Bah hah!!

I wonder if old William Bullitt would come up here and go out in this barn and do stuff.

There were cute signs like this around the house.

It is always a risk, letting this dog off leash in an area that is bound to have rafters of turkeys, drummings of grouse, ground hogs, deer or even a peep of chickens innocently pecking at bugs on the ground. But she was very obedient. 

Next stop: Pebble Trail.

 Pebble Trail was dark, wet and slightly ominous...

...with interesting things to see.

Then, it was time to head home.

Watch where you step!

 I am off to watch a leap of Olympians and eat dinner.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Nice twirl of vines pic. ;)

I would adore an excuse to nap with the critters. Feel better soon!

juliette said...

Hope you feel better. You sure are a nice Getty mommy to take her out in all that when you didn't feel too well. Fresh air always helps anything though, so you probably felt better. That place is gorgeous, but all your photos always are.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

A leap of Olympians, rafters of turkeys, drummings of grouse, ground hogs, deer, a peep of chickens, a rag of colts, a stud of mares, a dissimulation of birds.

lol! I adore your collection of Collective Nouns! There are some there that I've never heard before, too! Brilliant!

Sadly, you leave with only a single salamander and not a band...

Hey, a band would be such fun!
We could dance to the music in that beautiful forest while we got sopping wet like adorable Getty!

oh....yeah...it's not that kind of band. hehe!


lmel said...

A nice day to just relax, even in the woods without your brumby
It was nice to have the rain--keep that grass growing so we have great hay!
Love Getty's raincoat.:) Hope you felt better by Sunday.

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