Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important message:

Bill is in Maine and you must see the fun he is having!

 Yup. We're talking about the same Bill. He and his wife are up at their camp in Maine. While nothing really beats being around horses every day of the week, I think a trip to Maine comes pretty darn close to a little slice of heaven.

 There is not one bad view. 

 There's Bill's wife, Jackie C, on the beach! 

 Are you getting jealous yet? I've been getting these pictures while I am at work. I was jealous immediately. Bill sure knows how to torture a person.

 Bill says he took this picture on his camera with no special settings required. 

 Maybe you are feeling more and more relaxed just looking at the photos.

But the next pic is my fave of all of them. When Bill goes out in his boat, this is what he gets to see:

 CUTENESS IN ENORMOUS PROPORTION!!!!!!!!!!! A little rock ledge full of the most adorable creatures! Not quite a brumby! But just as cute!! When Bill sent me this picture, taken from his boat, I nearly fainted at my desk at work. 



Next post you will be returned to your regularly scheduled blog. Stay tuned for a mare, some mushrooms and a potentially disastrous adventure on the trail!!


juliette said...

Lucky, lucky Bill. Wow, just gorgeous!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Lucky Bill indeed. He deserves it I think. :D

Excellent cliffhanger.....

Paint Girl said...

What a beautiful place!! I would be jealous too!!

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