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Saturday, August 18, 2012







These are just a few words to describe the kind of ride I had with Lilly today. A pair of creatures could not be better suited for each other in this way. We like to linger. We like to poke along. We smell the roses. Or the ferns. Or whatever strikes our fancy.

Here we are making our way up the road. Perfectly peaceful. Very nice indeed. We had a late start because at home I decided to clean and rearrange the refrigerator before leaving for the barn. I know it's a lame thing to do on a beautiful day, but once I started, I could not stop. Then at the farm  when I was plucking my brumby from the pasture, I noticed this large strand of electric line all over the ground. It didn't look right. It looked like trouble. I took my brumby to the barn and called Bill (poor Bill, trying to vacation in Maine) about the wire. He told me what to do. As I tried to gather up the wire all the horses came buzzing around trying to make my business their business. As if!! At 230pm Lilly and I headed out. The other horses made a big fuss about it, and I had to warn them about busting down another fence and following us. I think what I said was (sternly): "If you even think about running through that fence, I will spank each and every one of you!" I had to say something. They were looking suspicious. Especially Ruby.

We took the short trail first. As we turned right to go up to the Ridge Trail, Getty again decided she was going to sit down and refuse to move. That old trouble again. It's why I haven't been bringing her. My new theory is that somewhere on the trail she got stung by a hornet and is now afraid. I only say this because Bill's horse-riding neighbor Faith found a hornet's nest right on the trail a few days ago. She called Bill and he went and took care of it. Bill does not get time to relax with all of us finding work for him to do.  In any event, we did not go to the Ridge Trail. New Plan:  walk up the beautiful road to Archie MacLeish's old house.

To see a cute clip of action we saw at the BP, click right here! Wait, wait wait for it and you will see something!

So we kept walking up the road, and up by the winter and blueberry pastures, Lilly stopped in her tracks!

She was so still, so intent on something she'd just seen, she was still as a statue. I thought maybe she had seen a bear!

I think she looks magnificent!

I don't think she saw a bear. I think she saw Bill's tractor in the winter pasture, where it usually never is, and the sun was shining off of it in such a way, my brumby thought a spaceship had landed at the farm. I'd be scared of that too! So we popped into the pasture to get a better look. And then we kept on moseying. But I can tell you, Lilly was not interested in going forward. 

She just wanted to lounge around nibbling. 

The problem with being on the road on this particular day, is that there was a bike race going on and all these racers would zoom up behind my brumby like predators! Not terribly relaxing for my brumby. But she was very good about it all. Some cyclists didn't even slow down for us. Some stopped and waited for us to go by. They were probably people that never see horses. 

I saw a few of them looking at my pommel bags. Maybe this huge pink rope looked very silly to them.

There is a nice picture of the blueberry pasture with my camera on its [newly discovered] Landscape setting. 

When we arrived back at the barn, the horses were just where we left them. Ruby greeted us with so much gas she sounded like the horn section of a symphony, tuning up their instruments. 

Back at the barn , I remembered what I don't like about these reins! That little snap does not always close! Now that could be disastrous on the trail!!!

Good night everyone!


Paint Girl said...

Sometimes just ambling around is the best way to go! I did that today with Chance, just had a halter, lead rope and jumped on her bareback, which I have never done before with her. She was great! We stayed in her pasture and my OH took a couple pictures.
Lilly looks fantastic when she saw something out there. I love it when they do that, good picture taking time!

juliette said...

Pie is a big ambler. We could definitely hang with you and your sweet Lilly. Lilly is so beautiful!!! Love the video of the gang racing by one at a time. Poor Getty!

lmel said...

We had a nice amble today too--Harley and Rolex were reluctant to go anywhere. But it's amazing how once you make that magical turn for home, the zippy button comes on!
Great pics of your brumby--glad it wasn't a bear!

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