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Monday, August 13, 2012

This weekend I did not ride my brumby. But I have a good excuse! Bill's daughter and her husband have a house on a lake in Vermont, and this weekend they offered its use to Brandon and me! We left for it as soon as I was finished working on Friday. We zoomed up there as fast as we could!

Oh, so much to do! Getty did not like our idea to go paddling on the lake. She does not like water. Brandon thought my insistence on her wearing a life preserver was ridiculous. But here we are starting out on her maiden canoe voyage!

She did not try to jump out of the boat. But she wouldn't sit down and relax either!

I didn't do any paddling at all! Instead, I kept an eye out for loons.

That's it! The house owned by Bill's daughter and her hubs. Right on the water! It is so darling. And that floating dock is for jumping off of and swimming around. I jumped off this thing and then could NOT get back on! You should have seen me trying to hoist myself up over the edge. Very sad, my gymnastic ability, especially after watching the Olympics. Worse than unassisted mounting!!! Brandon had to haul me up and even then I was like a sad little whale, half on and half off. I did get better at it, but not much!

Getty was not too thrilled with riding in the canoe. So when she was back at the house napping, it was time to start racing around in the kayaks!

I let Brandon win once.

Even when not sporting around in the water, the best thing about this place is that it is impossible to have a bad time. If you don't want to be on this porch....

...then you can lounge around on this one!!!! Ahoy, pontoon boaters!!

There is nothing better than a summer lounge fest!!!

Look, I could make the whole weekend into a coloring book!

Uh-oh, after a few drinks on the porch, it is time to do handstands over your pet dog, who becomes worried.

 The local paper reveals that there are brumbies around!!!

Hope you all had a fun weekend! See you next time in the saddle!


juliette said...

oh you are the best blogger great and funny and just the best! Have a good time as if I need to say that!!!!! Looks like paradise to me! Hugs for poor landlubber, Getty!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Getty was worried enough with the boat ride + unnecessary outfit... handstand photos just sealed the deal.

Enjoy your getaway - love those porches! :D

lmel said...

Looks like you were at the place to be--a lakeside cottage to cool off in! Your photos make me jealous--ah, to be in Vermont with water AND my ponies!

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