A Little Rain Must Fall

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sunday I thought I'd be able to get a ride in. So Bill and I headed out. It looked sunny enough, never-mind a few clouds cooking in the sky. Whoops. Caught in a downpour 15 minutes later out on the trail. We galloped to shelter. Galloping through the woods in the rain?  Mission Adventure accomplished!

We dropped the horses off in the BP, walked back to the barn, got Bill's truck and went back to retrieve the saddles. Wet saddles.

There was a little squealing as Bill put Lilly in the BP with her friends she hasn't seen in a while. At first she looked a little lost. But in no time at all she got down to business of gobbling up some grass. That's Glitter rolling around in front of her.

Since our ride was cut short, I had time to take Getty on the trail for a run.

Sometimes Getty stands up tall to look around. She might be part hominid.

Look at this little creepshow we spied on the road. Ewwwwww.

On Monday, it was back to work. Luckily, Bill sent me a few pictures in the afternoon to show me what I was missing. Here is is zipping through the woods on QTee.

And then he sent me this photo of Glitter while they were out. Having fun. While I toiled away.

There, that's better. Footloose and saddle free.

To see a fun video of Bill's adventures and new shoes for Glitter, click right here!


Paint Girl said...

Nothing worse then being on a ride and it starts to pour!! I've had that happen a few times. It's miserable!
Lilly looks like she's a comfortable bareback ride! My Brandy is the most uncomfortable bareback horse!

lmel said...

We had that storm whip through too! Didn't do too much for the humidity.
Nice shot of the centipede! I saw a gazillion of those while hiking once in the Virginia Blue Ridge. Guess we've got them up here too!

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