Everyone Loves a Redhead

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The last few days I have been riding Glitter because Lilly's feet seem so sore. While I ponder how to make her feet more comfortable (Give her time to grow hoof? Put shoes back on?), Glitter and I have been hanging out. 

Glitter is narrower than my brumby. And when riding with others, she steps out quickly. She has a nice canter. It isn't dramatic and thunderous like Lilly's. It feels quieter to me. If you'd like to see a short clip of us cantering, Then just click right here!

Who said anything about diamonds? SWAT is a [cow]girl's best friend!

Friday after riding Glitter, I really wanted to take Lilly out. I miss her and her comfy back and meandering ways. We are a pair, two amblers poking about in the woods.

But even with her Renegades on, her feet seemed ouchie. This is not what I wanted to see. She kept stopping, and then would take these delicate, mincing steps. I wondered if she maybe just didn't want to go out on the trail without her buddies. I knew that if I turned her around and her pace picked up remarkably, then it was a mental issue. But even after turning around, her feet did not seem happy. I got off and walked her back feeling glum.

Tomorrow I will discuss with Bill what to do. But today I got another ride in with Glitter. Sometimes with Glitter there are moments when she spunkily tries to change direction, to get over to where she thinks the other horses are. My brumby never really does this, so the first time Glitter tried such nonsense, I was not totally prepared for it. Luckily, I was able to get her turned around and listening with some good ole Clinton Anderson techniques. Glitter may be a pretty redhead, but batting her eyelashes at me is not going to work!!!

Riding in shorts? Don't ask why, ask Why Not?

I love how Glitter camouflages against the forest floor. She could easily lurk among the fallen pine needles unseen! I also love that when doing any kind of trail maintenance, Glitter could care less if I am snapping dead limbs, flinging fallen branches to the right and left, or sawing big pieces of tree out of the way. Once an old dead branch got caught on her reins and she dragged it along for 20 feet before I got it off. She knew it was there, and didn't give a hoot. Another time a little doe jumped out almost right in front of us. Glitter noted it and then kept right on walking. 

A good girl is allowed to nibble jewel weed sometimes!

So long for now!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Glitter is a lovely horse. Thanks for sharing the woodsey canter with us. :)

I hope you get your brumbie's feet sorted out soon!

Paint Girl said...

Glitter is so pretty and I just love her name!! It fits a pretty redhead too!!
Sorry to hear about Lilly's feet. I hope you and Bill can get it figured out soon so you can get back on your girl! We are having a lot of problems with my OH's horse, Fritzy. She's had an abscess for a week that I have been poulticing and soaking and she is still not right. I will give it a couple more days and might have to call my vet out. It can be so frustrating but I just want her to feel better so we can get her back out on the trails!!

juliette said...

Great rides on Glitter! She is really pretty. Shorts on rides - yes!!!

So sorry about the sweet Lilly girl. Hope you and Bill work it out. So many variables...frustrating but worth it so she feels right.

lmel said...

Sorry to hear about your brumby's feet. I hope they are better soon with September's awesome weather coming upon us. Have you used some hoof testers on her feet? What about diet to promote better hoof growth?
Thanks for sharing the canter on Glitter. What a good trail horse she is! Are you watching, Harley? And what a lovely trail for a canter! I'm jealous.

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