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Saturday, September 15, 2012

 I keep forgetting to document Lilly's new canine teeth! I saw this tiny little pearl in her mouth one day and squealed, WHAT IS THAT?? I hardly ever ride geldings (never really) so I forget that canine teeth exist at all. Then I saw this little tiny one sprouting in Lilly's mouth!!!! Can you belieeeeve it? The picture doesn't really show it. But it is there.

I had the last week in August off from work and rode horses every day. Then I went back to work and sunk into a work swamp. Gross! So today, I vowed to make a blog entry after seeing Lilly. The Blog must go on!

Last weekend even though I rode,  I didn't ride Lilly at all because her front feet were so ouchie. But with dry weather and two weeks of more hoof growth, today I saddled her up, put her hoof boots on and we set off. I wasn't planning to ride her. I just wanted to judge how her feet felt with the boots on. These are the Cavallo boots.

I figured if I were on the ground, I could get a few things accomplished. I could spy on her feet, for one thing. I could also take some good pictures for another. And third, I had Getty with me, and I believed, dog-whisperer-like, I could get her right with horses on the trail again.

Getty did pretty well. A few times I had to retrieve her from the woods and send her on ahead of us. She needs to be in front of the horse, that much is clear. Lilly's feet were doing just find in those Cavallos. They seem to offer more cushion than the Renegades. Of course, now that Easy Boot has a new Trail Boot for sale, I want that one too. It comes with little comfort pads of varying thicknesses you can insert in the shoe. Now that sounds perfect. I was super happy to see and feel that Lilly felt sound and happy in her Cavallos.

Whooops. These self-portraits while alone in the woods do not always turn out so great.

There! That's better. A kinder eye (Lilly) and a bigger nose (me) you will not find elsewhere.

Tonight at 10pm: The Incredible Dr. Pol! Don't miss it!

Next post I will have some interesting news about one or more of Bill's horses!


lmel said...

I've been going back and forth between Cavallo Sports and Renegades. The velcro is worn out on John's Easyboot Backcountry's, so I'm not a fan of them. He's going to try and fix them use Croc buttons, of all things, although you can order replacement velcro pieces. Since Harley is a bit of a mix-master and over-reacher, still not sure which model is best, although one that closes on the heel is probably not the best!
You get such great photos out on your trail rides. Good Lily for standing still for you. Does she ground tie as well? That would be awesome if I could get Harley and the girls to do that!
Last day of vacation--big ride today!

juliette said...

Glad the Lilly girl is back doing fine on the trail. I am sure both Lilly and Getty were happy you took them out. I love your self portrait!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I know those teeth-funny aren't they :) That last pic of you two is SO CUTE-love your braids. Sore feet are such a bummer, I feel ya. Glad she seems to be on the mend. I was thinking of you on my ride the other day! Mushrooms galore, but I haven't a clue what they are. BIG and bulbous and single. Like smurf homes.

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