Bay State Brumby Hits the Ashfield Film Fest

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Look! I am in Hollywood!! OK, not Hollywood exactly. I'm in my own town, on the town common. Last  night was the annual town Film Festival and I had submitted a movie!! It was about my brumby! So last night, in a packed Town Hall, on a big screen,  people saw my movie and my beautiful brumby!!!!

The premise of my movie was that anything you need to know about being a good human, you can learn from a horse. There were 14 other movies in the festival. But before the screenings, there was a party outside.

 Of course Bill was at the festival!!! After all, he was in my movie!!!!!!!!! I couldn't make a movie about horses and my brumby without Bill!! We were the only two people there with cowboy hats on. And mine was the only movie about horses.

This is my friend Dre. Her husband had also submitted a movie. It was called What's in This Dirt? 

Me with Jackie C. This is our album cover. If you'd like to see (and hear) a clip of the awesome brass band that was at this "pre-oscars" party (and in the background of this photo), you must CLICK RIGHT HERE! And you will want to, because this band, from Providence, is the best thing since sliced bread. Don't think trombones, trumpets and tubas are totally fabulous? You will after seeing these guys perform. I think their name is What Cheer...but Jackie wasn't sure if that was really their name or not....

Then we proceeded down to Town Hall to get a seat for the screenings.

Ashfield likes to remind everyone that Cecil B DeMille was born in Ashfield so that fact makes our Film Fest very special. Although three days after being born in Ashfield, Cecil moved away and I am not sure if he ever returned!

Oops! I forgot to rotate this photo! It shows the my film, Bay State Brumby, as number 6.

Is Bill praying for my movie to win? Nope, he's looking at his camera! Bill and I are constantly looking at out cameras! Anyway, after a long parade of videos, mine did not win. I had some pretty tough competition. The movie that won was made by a mother whose journalist daughter was killed in a soviet war zone. It was a strong movie, beautifully made.

I'll try again next year!

I have this next week off, so that means more time with my brumby!


juliette said...

My first comment disappear!

Just like your film - where is it?!!! I have waited like crazy for this post!!!!!!!!!!! What a great and exciting feat to have your Brum up on the big screeen in Hollywood, no less!

Congratulations on your film and exciting evening, but please, oh, please give us a link somehow so we can see it too and judge for ourselves! I am certain it is beautiful. How could it not be with the sweet Lilly as the star and you and Bill as co-stars.

Happy happy day!

Paint Girl said...

How exciting is that! A movie about your brumby!! So cool. And like Juliette, I would love to see your movie!! Please!!

Cindy Durham said...

I just found your blog today. The reason I clicked on it, was because of the word "Brumby"
Not too many people even know what a Brumby is...but I do.
My most favorite book of all time is called "Tam the Untamed" by Mary Elwyn Patchett. She wrote alot about the Brumbies. I even just bought another one of her books about them. Haven't got it yet.
I am excited now to go through your archives and read about YOUR Brumby.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

What a fun event for your town to have. It looks like it brought a lot of people together for a great day of entertainment. Congrats for completing the project. Very admirable.

lmel said...

Awe--want to see the movie! Congratulations for entering your film--what a great idea in your town. Looks like a lot of people showed up.
Off next week--awesome weather for riding. :)

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