Sweet September

Friday, September 28, 2012

On my last post I detailed how I had participated in the Ashfield Film Fest. I didn't win, but I was still tickled to have entered my movie, entitled Bay State Brumby. It could only be 5 minutes long and had to somehow have a connection to the town of Ashfield. If you'd like to see what I submitted, CLICK HERE TO PLAY MOVIE

Once the movie furor died down however, I was glad to be back in the saddle. I am already thinking of next year's submission. But until then, this is the perfect season for riding.

 Lilly is now barefoot. At first her feet were not happy about it. This has been quite a time-consuming and agonizing thing: wondering if we ought to put the shoes on, or endure the transition period in between being shod and barefoot.

In the pasture Lilly is fine. And on the trail with a rider, she feels good as long as she has her sneakers on. These days, she does better with the Cavallos rather than the Renegades. Perhaps the Cavallos offer more sole protection. I wouldn't ride her at all if I thought she was suffering, but with these boots on, we both feel confident and sound. It helps that the trail is nice and cushiony.

Bill and I spend a  lot of time talking about Lilly's feet. Currently we have her in the pasture behind the house because it is always dry, no mucky spots to stand in. The other pasture is not really mucky except for one spot. And wouldn't you know, that spot is the one Lilly loves the most. So temporarily, we moved her in with the cow and alpaca. In this pasture behind the house, she has a stall if she wants to be in it.

Here's Bill giving her feet their millionth evaluation. In the front yard, not a single ouchy factor. In the rocky driveway, ouch ouch ouch.

I think Lilly likes her new digs. She has a big ole mineral black to lick at for one thing.

And just over the stall wall she was fast to find some bales of yummy hay!

Yesterday Lilly and I were out with Bill and Ruby. The weather does not get any better. And of course, if you've got a fabulous horse underneath you, and beautiful scenery passing by, you must document it!

We were moseying along the River Trail when we encountered a tree that had fallen across the trail. When I see something like this, I always think: Thank goodness Lilly and I weren't around when this happened! Because, when a tree falls, it could care less if you and your horse happen to be under it or not. It's not like all the trees that fall decide to do so at night when no one's around. In any case, I captured a picture of Bill making the trail passable again.

While Bill sawed away at the tree (good thing I had a saw on my saddle!), I kept Lilly and Ruby occupied. Lilly naturally was gobbling every leaf within reach. Ruby just wanted me to pet her.

This trail is one of my faves.

Back at the farm, Roo the rooster was hanging out in the barn, not seeming to care that his ladies were nowhere in sight!

Today I am blogging and have been horse-free because it is rainy...and feels cold. Time for a wood fire!!! But before I conclude this post, I want to show you our new pet! Her name is Ailment Cornelia. I got her from PetCo for free because she was sick and they couldn't sell her. Now I don't like PetCo, and was only in there on some off-chance they would have the dog food we like to buy. They didn't, but as we were leaving, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small sign that read: SPECIAL NEEDS RAT NEEDS HOME. The rest is, as they say, history......

What a darling little rodent! Look at those cute little hands!!!!!

A is for ADORABLE!

See you next time!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

1. I hope Ailment Cornelia is well now.

2. Glad no one got tree'd.

3. L-O-V-E your movie!!

4. Where is Brumby's oscar? (she was ready for her closeup...)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thanks for posting the movie. It was fun. Did you know how deep that pond was?

juliette said...

Had to comment now before I read the rest of the post - SO AMAZING!!!!! WELL DONE YOU AND BRUMBY AND BILL! More comments later...cried in the beginning! That is how silly I am...more later!

juliette said...

Ok, next morning and I read the rest!

Poor Brumby feet...thinking good thoughts!

You are so kind to save Ailment Cornelia. I just emailed a link of this post to my mom so she is sure to see the movie, but I bet she is laughing thinking of me reading about A. Cornelia because I am freaky funny about rats! I have a phobia that doesn't cause me to be mean to them or even shriek, but they do make my skin shiver. When I was little and I ran into the barn to see my pony Dimples, two rats jumped out of her feed box towards me. Ever since I have reoccurring rat nightmares where I stand on the big feed box in the middle of the barn and there are millions of rats around. Your kindness will help me think differently, I am sure!

Keep enjoying your autumn rides!

lmel said...

Love the movie. Yup, like Juliette, there were tears in my eyes at the beginning. I'm must be turning into a mush in my dotage. Then you had me laughing hysterically at Lessons 1-3. What an awesome job you did--can't wait for next year's!
About the rat--well it's lucky you came along. They are a bit too "ratty" for me and I don't like to see them lurking in the feed tubs (yuck). You did a good thing to rescue her from Petco!

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