Spirits High, Temps Low!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where does the time go? It speeds by while we are dithering, that's where.  Last Sunday I went out riding with Bill and Jackie and we had such a fun time I was so excited to post about it...only to realize I left my camera in the barn!

Jackie loves to speed around. And like Christine, she loves to go over obstacles. So on Sunday when we were out, there were a few spots where Jackie got to jump Pokey. They were not big jumps! But Jackie doesn't care. Bill had his helmet-cam on and he shot this video: CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT. The first 2 minutes are essentially Bill and Jackie (since I am behind Bill). The second part of the video is a nice long gallop that Bill and I did later, after Jackie had to get home.  This is one of my fave videos. If you choose to watch it, you will love it too. Bill tried to tell me it was just a nice lope. WRONG! It's a gallop. And was really fun. At the very end, you see Lilly's Renegade go flying off. Darn that muddy velcro!

It was such a nice, sunny day. Here we are in a pasture that Bill does not use all the time. At the far end of it, you can sneak onto the ridge trail if you know right where to go. 

This is at the far end of the Blueberry Pasture. Bill was riding Charlie, who whinnied over and over for a while as we rode along here. He must have heard the horses in the Big Pasture. Although I did not hear a thing.

This weekend felt a lot colder than last. I almost needed my toe warmers. Gloves were a must. I found these nifty little gloves that have a textured palm and then fuzzy polypropylene on the inside. But truthfully,  I have yet to find a glove that really works. Here we are this Saturday, about to leave the road and turn onto the trail. What a good brumby who so nicely ground ties!! Bill had decided he was only going to use that red neck rope to steer Charlie.

 We went along the river trail. To get to the river, the trail is really steep. Bill and Charlie zoomed down it, but Lilly, with her sneakers on, took it nice and slow. I never mind going slow except that in no time at all Bill and Charlie were nowhere to be seen. Then I have to track them like Mantracker on TV. I found them by a bunch of trees that some industrious beaver had decided to nibble.

Naturally we stopped to visit the horses in the Winter Pasture. They all crowded around Bill like he is some kind of fantastic Horse Whisperer! My brumby, per usual, made a big ole squealing fuss during the visit. As if she's never seen them before. At least with her bitless bridle I didn't have to worry about her catching her leverage bit on the gate.

The horses were still sporting their identification necklaces that Bill put on them before Hurricane Sandy.

On the way home, Bill had Charlie sidepassing at the walk up the road. I filmed them for a few minutes, but of course once the camera was on, Charlie wouldn't side pass at all! That is always the way. 

Is that the elusive spotted owl up there on QT? Nope, but close: it's CHRISTINE!!! With her new job, Christine is not at the barn as much as before. This is why having a job is simply not a good idea. We had a great ride today. Just what the doctor, any doctor, would order!

Hope everyone is warm, and getting excited for Thanksgiving!


lmel said...

Once again, I've gone on a great trail ride with you via the computer! I think Bill must have the best helmet camera out there--I'd like one of those.
Looks like an awesome ride. Oh, and thanks for the info about the booties--hmmmm, what to do, what to do?
Low branches are the best reason for helmets! John loves your Brumby's tail!

Jayne Hunter said...

I love your blog. That video was really fun to watch. What a great idea!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Thanks for the nice gallop! (your Brumby does have a very fine tail) :D

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

WHOOHOO! What an awesome fun video! Is his camera a GoPro? My computer really likes it and didn't have to slow down and buffer repeatedly so I could watch it. Nice! Bill really had to run faster to catch up with you and your Brumby! Good thing for helmets, too. They're not just for protecting our heads from falls. I can;t count the number of times my helmet has saved my head from the scrapes and whacks of branches!

You have such wide, smooth trails to ride on...and no prairie dog or gopher holes either!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!


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