To New Jersey We Go!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What happens when it is a holiday and you have a few days off? You pack the dog in the car (and the pet rat), leave your brumby in Bill's good care, and head to the post-hurricane country of Ocean Grove, New Jersey!

Comparatively speaking, Ocean Grove survived Sandy mostly in tact. Brandon's dad's house (a few blocks from the seashore) was unscathed. But the beach's boardwalk was very badly wounded. Not to mention the first few blocks of town.

It pretty much looked like this is a lot of places. No boardwalk at all. Just boards. Boardwalk deconstructed. By Mother Nature.

You may recall this picture from Ocean Grove, when we were visiting in October during the Zombie fest.

Here is the same view these days. 

I am sure that Ocean Grove will recover very nicely. It will just take time. It is sad though. Perhaps because it makes you feel so vulnerable!

Never underestimate the power of natural forces!!

New Jersey always manages to fascinate me. I had to take this picture, so amazed was I that in New Jersey, they appear to have the magic of Santa Claus boiled down to a simple and dowdy billboard: Ahem, Santa is coming. Is that Santa's number? Does Santa not even have his own phone number? One must use an extension???? Shouldn't there be some sparkly lights or something? At least an exclamation point! 

At the bookstore, this sign slayed me. Teen paranormal romance? As if teens aren't complicated enough. Now they have become paranormal. I keep wondering what was going on when I was a teen. I think I have blocked those years out.

I saw no dog in this yard. But I did look.

I hope you all had a triumphant and rewarding holiday.

Next time, I'll be back in brumby territory.

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lmel said...

Interesting shots from Hurricane Sandy's path--so glad I didn't have to evacuate horses like some. Yes, never underestimate the power of Ma Nature!
Does Santa have a smartphone so I can send him pictures of what I want? My OWN barn and acres and acres for the ponies!
As for teen paranormal romance--believe me, I'm a librarian, it's hot stuff! My teen years? I just swooned for horses, skip the vampire stuff!

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