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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The last several weeks, Buckey the donkey has been waiting for an abscess in his hoof to pop. He's been in the barn most of this time, on stall rest, while out in the pasture across the road his buddy Abel has been braying loudly for his friend. Today Buckey seemed better. Bill has been soaking his foot and applying a gooey green poultice.

I think donkey hooves are awfully cute. They are so small. Here is Buckey with his new, clean wrap on. Look at those furry legs! Adorable. 

After inspecting Buckey with Bill, I tidied Lilly up (she was a mess from all of this muddy, drippy weather), and out we went. Saturdays are hunting days so we had to don our safety orange again. 

In one of the pastures we passed the evil queen Jodie and her consorts, Cody and Pokey. Pokey was limping. I would have called Bill on my cell phone to tell him about it, but alas my cell phone has decided to stop working. Not all of it, just the on/off button. In other words, the most important button of them all. It figures. These three were so cute that I had to stop and get a photo.

Sometimes you can get a decent photo.....

..and other times fate is just working against you. After the photo session, we moved on.

My brumby was pretty good-natured once we passed a few trouble spots. It is more of a challenge for her to move forward when she is the only horse. For some reason she would rather be with other horses than human and dog. But, I still love being with her. She still fills my heart with joy. Even when she fusses.

We ambled by the winter pasture where Glitter, Yogi, Freddie and QTee are existing peacefully. They are just barely visible in this photo.  I let Lilly sniff them at the gate and she let out three outrageous squeals. She is a squealer. It used to scare me a little. Now it makes me laugh every time. We kept moving along, toward the MacLeish house. The farther we moved away from the pastures, the slower my brumby's steps became.

I took this picture to document my cool, super-gripping gloves. However, as usual by around 2pm, my hands were freezing. I am going to look into some of the mittens and gloves people have suggested to me.

This is a leap of brumby joy!

Good night for now!


lmel said...

Great picture of the gang in the field! Isn't it funny how they let you know when they're done--everyone wanders or looks away. I had to laugh about Lily slowing down the further she gets from home. Harley is slow going out alone too--it's scary without his friends! I rode out Friday at a leisurely pace but came back at a jog/sideways shuffle! I think Harley really wanted to run and show me how fast he could be! Don't forget, ma, I was a racehorse! LOL

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

"Evil queen Jodie and her consorts" are a matched set... too cute. (when they're not running poor brumbies off their feet that is)

A leap of brumby joy obviously cannot be contained in the frame. :D

sydney K said...

Clean trax for abcesses. You won't be disappointed.

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