Ring Around the Rosie

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On Sunday instead of hitting the trail, we headed for the ring! It has been a long time since Lilly and I have horsed around in the ring. For two reasons: 1. I prefer the trail, and 2. My brumby is always a super crab in the ring. Christine took Charlie down and had a fine time. I think Charlie actually likes the ring. Here he is getting some good flexion practice.

 We set up some cones and Lilly and I clover-leafed around them. Her ears were pinned straight back the whole time. She gave me a few tiny bucks. She was soooo crabby. As we circled the cones, I thought there was a good chance I might go flying. Bill filmed us and in the video all you see is her tail swishing around and her ears glued to her head. But she didn't give me any serious bucks, as cantankerous as she was. Then I tried some side passing. It was OK, nothing that would win any awards. So Bill asked to get on her.

As I have mentioned before, Bill has a little equine DNA in his veins. This is why when he gets on a horse, suddenly all naughty behavior improves. So when her side-passing was crooked or strung out when I was doing it, Bill said it was rider error! Well, I can't argue with that!

Bill also got on Charlie and rode him around the cones, even though Charlie was sporting Christine's dressage saddle!  Bill is a master of all saddles!

 The whole time we were in the ring, the neighbor's cows kept slipping out of their pasture and slipping into Bill's horse pasture! This caused Abel the donkey to become quite upset, galloping around and braying at the top of his donkey lungs while at a full gallop. Never seen anything so hilarious! It was quite distracting for all creatures! 

The ring is not so boring after all. Many silly things happen there. Look, I am in this picture too if you look close enough.

After riding, it was time to go up the road to Pieropan's Christmas tree farm and get this year's tree. I never like to kill a tree, so we look for a tree that has multiple tree shoots on it. I feel better this way, knowing that the tree lives on, even though we have taken part of it. 

While looking for the perfect tree, we spied this mushroom growing on a dead stump. The common name for this mushroom is Witch's Butter, which I love. That is, I love that some mushroomer picked a name like that. What imagination!

Tree (or part of tree) found! 

Here is my husband saying, Put that camera down and get in the car!!!!!!!

My camera is like a lover! I am always spending time with it!

Hope everyone is having fun this merry season so far!

I am off to Illinois for a few days. I will post when I return.


Paint Girl said...

Fritzy is not an arena horse either. But she loves trail riding! All my other horses like both arena and trail. It's funny how they just have their preference or it just doesn't matter!
We have used a fake tree for probably 12 years now. I miss the smell of a real tree but love having no pine needle mess and not having to put lights on!

lmel said...

I'd like to see the video of you guys in action around the cones!
I think Harley feels much safer in the ring, although he's not happy when I work on his flexing and bending..tough luck, bub!
Love your tree place--awesome prices too. Still need to get one.

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