Lazy Little Saturday

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday turned out not to be so cold after all. In fact, after our snowstorm earlier this week, and some frigid temps around Wednesday and Thursday, Saturday turned out to be just right. I guess I start every blog post these days with a weather report! This time of year what Mother Nature is doing has such a profound impact on riding that it becomes a major part of preparing for going to the barn.

When I saw how nice it was turning out to be, I opted for a trail ride instead of the ring. Bill said he'd come along, but needed to trim up Jodie's feet first. Here is her foot before the trim.

And here it is after. Jodie has some of the nicest feet I have ever seen. If Peterson's ever made a field guide of horse hooves, this is what they'd be drawing in their pages. You just don't get nicer feet.

Bill had also brought Freddie up for a trim. Freddie kept nuzzling Bill's neck. It was so darling. Big ole teddy bear, that one. And that beautiful color! Oh! Each horse has so much to offer. Speaking of magnificent things, I have a video to include of Bill and Ruby in the ring. It is not only impressive, Ruby is also quite a character.

 The trail ride was perfect. Snowy, sunny, no wind, no bugs. No drama. What a very good brumby.

We passed the work of a pilleated woodpecker.Almost looks like some tool cut those holes. Birds are not as wimpy as some people think they are, that's for sure.

Last year, my tree learning did not go so great. This year will be different. On this ride, I learned a lot more trees. With no leaves, the size, shape and bark of the tree are the key players. This one here is a black birch.

And this guy here, with its chunky and robust bark, is a Locust.

After the ride, it was dinner time!

Up next Sunday: back in the saddle!


Paint Girl said...

Now that is some cool wood work from woodpeckers!! I see woodpeckers but have never seen them go that crazy on trees!! Wow. That is cool.
I always seem to start my posts off about weather too, probably because there isn't much else to talk about around these parts but weather!

juliette said...

Those woodpecker holes are crazy! Who knew they could do that?

That photo of Freddy and Bill is A-dorable. I love Freddy!!!

Great ride on a beautiful snowy trail. Good brumby girl.

lmel said...

Great pictures of our New England winter. Looks like you had a nice ride--no drama--wish I could say the same!
I've got a pileated woodpeckers in the neighborhood, but have never been able to get a great photo--they're HUGE!

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