O, the snow!

Friday, January 18, 2013

 During the week, I don't get to see Lilly. I want to see her, but my job keeps me occupied all day. I know: GROSS. I do however get up early every morning to take Getty for a walk. She loves this, even though I cannot stand getting up early.

This week we had a snowstorm so it looked very winterwonderlandish for a while.Truth be told, it's the prettiest weather for a horseback ride, but alas, that is simply not possible. In the summer with its lovely, long days, I can squeeze an after-work ride in. But now, forget it.

Bill sends me pictures like this one during the week so I don't miss what is happening on the farm.

So while Getty and I saw this all week in the early A.M.....

 ...Bill was looking at this.

 I suppose I could get up super early and get to Lilly for a quick ride before I go to work. But I know she would probably hate riding before her morning hay even more than I would hate struggling to get up an hour before the crack of dawn to see her. I am just not a morning person. Getting up and leaving the house with Getty at 7am is really testing my limits already!

Here's another one from Bill. I cannot even tell what pasture this is!!

Getty loves the snow greatly, even though she shouldn't since she is from the warmer climes of Tennessee.

Tomorrow is supposed to be bonechillingly cold, but since it is Saturday, I'll be at the barn, tacking up my brumby. I hope she has been staying warm all week!

 My parting shot is of my new pet rat, Annie Versary. Annie was an anniversary present from my AWSUM husband. Our sick rat Ailment had passed away (pneumonia), and so I was delighted to get Annie. He is so much more rambunctious than little Ailment. He has a rollicking, wild time every time I get him out, biting me with his sharp little teeth every chance he gets. Each time he bites me I shriek and Brandon thinks I'm having a seizure. Bah!  Ailment had been so sweet and gentle! Annie is out of control!

That's it for now! Stay warm!


lmel said...

The good news is that the days are getting longer! It's actually still light(ish) at 5 p.m. I know what you mean about missing out of weekday riding--that's when I wish I had a covered arena!

Melody said...

Hello~ a friend told me about your blog, which I have been enjoying!~ I just got my first horse a few months ago, it has been quite a life changer, and has us up at 4:30 every morning, so I can get to work by 7:30! Curious, is Lilly your first horse? love your new little anniversary rat! Great gift!

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