It was the Best of Hooves, It was the Worst of Hooves

Thursday, February 21, 2013

In my last post I took a quick look at the journey that Lilly's errant hoof has had us on. It has been a road trip fraught with pitfalls and triumphs, ignorance and learning, patience and more patience. In all honesty, Lilly's feet are part of what make her uniquely who she is, just like her dazzling painted coat, her solid composure and her quality snugglefests. But those feet. That abscess. It all beckons a closer look.

After all, it wasn't Lilly's fault that she happened to get an abscess so dastardly Ivan the Terrible would have wept with compassion for her, was it? It wasn't just the abscess that made it so bad, it was everything it caused in its wake.

This picture was taken after the abscess blew out. December 9, 2009. The worst part is over, I thought at the time. But I was wrong. The abscess had run its course through the hoof. But white line disease followed and this wreaked destruction nearly 3/4 the way up the hoof wall!

This video Bill made is particularly instructive about the repercussions of the dastardly abscess:

Here's another of the Superfast which, in my opinion, was quite the lifesaver:

During all of this supporting of the hoof, life went on...

Special shoes were ordered.

Vet trips were made.

The kid had birthdays and put on a few inches.

Pet guinea pigs became impregnated and reproduced.

Chickens continued their free-range lifestyles.

And with the Superfast, and the Equithane and all the tender loving care and support to that hoof, Lilly was, for the most part, still rideable!

Still loveable!

So you see, it was more than just an abscess; It was the best of times, and the worst of times. Sometimes both at the same time!

With Spring around the corner, we are feeling hopeful and happy.

Here's to you, Brumby!


Frizzle said...

Holy mother of all abscesses! That was a big'un--looks like it blew out the coronet in half her hoof! What the heck was she brewing in there???

Melody said...

I've seen cars up on blocks...but never a horse! Really neat that her eyes are pink in that photo too ~ and match her outfit! :))))

juliette said...

Poor Brum! But, oh, look at all that has happened - especially Kestrel - wow - she has grown!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Somebody had asked me why you can't just let an abscess blow out the coronet band, and I wasn't sure how to answer. I just do what the vet tells me to do. But I think I should have directed the person to your site to review Brumby's case. Amazing how it can have such long range consequences. On another note, you have guinea pigs? TWEEP! Oh yeah, I took some pictures of mushrooms in my manure pile a few weeks ago and haven't posted them yet. I'll try to remember to do so.

lmel said...

Wow! what an abscess! Poor brumby girl. Looks like Bill handled it all pretty well. Yup, spring is around the corner, after another week of rain and snow, and MAPLE SUGARING!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Glad your brumby is in such good hands. Just been dealing with a (possible) abscess here - they are a witch with a b - if you know what I mean.

Also hoping spring is around the corner - not so cold here but persistently wet and big winds too. At least the chance of drought is minimal.

I see a little pattern... with the pink thing. ;D

Willow said...

Oh Lilly , glad she is so loved through it all, it makes all the difference doesn't it.
That photo at the top is amazing, not to mention how wonderfully it ties into the post of course!
Hope Lilly has better times ahead, Sarina came to us with white lines disease :( but she is doing pretty well now :)

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