Shades of Gray

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dreary. That's the best way to describe our weather this weekend. They threatened a snowstorm, which would have been fantastic, but all it amounted to was very humid air and a strange mix of varying forms of precipitation, including very pretty snow for maybe 30 minutes this morning. The snow plows were out and plowing so enthusiastically this small bit of snow, that they ran over the stop sign in our yard.

Saturday Christine and I headed out on the trail. We walked up the road gingerly, avoiding the icy spots, and then got on the snowmobile trail.

We ended up walking for a lot of the way because the horses would either slip on some shadowy ice patch, or punch through the snow about 10 inches. It didn't seem fair for them to handle that unexpected drop with a rider. I never mind walking with Lilly. That way I can look her in the eye and see her silly expressions. 

This morning the road was slushier and because it was warmer, there was much more traction and it was a lot less icy. So we decided to take the road up the the MacLeish house. It is a pretty ride in any season, even on a dreary, raw and wettish day.

I imagine the horses appreciate a change of scenery. As usual, my brumby and I were the caboose. Walking away from the barn means Lilly is extra slow. But I don't push her to move faster either, so I am probably as much to blame for lagging behind. Guilty as charged, Your Honor!!! Maybe we are too busy snacking on carrots to keep up.

People are hoping this latest little "storm" will be the last of the season. Christine and I know better. It is still February after all. We have at least one full month of winter left. The good news is that the days are definitely getting longer!



Willow said...

Such Beautiful eyelashes you have sweet Lilly!

lmel said...

Yup, dreary sums it up. I think you're the only other person in the Northeast, besides me, that wishes it had snowed rather than rained! Snow is more fun to ride in, the horses like to roll in it, and it means they can go outside without getting hypothermia!

Thanks for sharing your ride, since I'm still not riding. Hope to be back in the saddle soon!

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