In Like a Lion

Sunday, March 3, 2013

This weekend we had one day that was sullen and warmer-ish, and another day that was brighter but cold. I think I prefer brighter-but-cold days. Because I cannot stand a sullen, mopey sky. And plus, I have been overdressing lately, so by the time I actually get on Lilly's back, I am hot and sweaty. Bah!

Saturday was the sullen day. You can see in this photo how blah it was. However, the warmer weather made the road slushy and easily managed by hooves. Christine and I started out in spite of Christine's terrible sciatica pain. We also had the dogs with us for the first time in a while. It has either been too cold, or the snow has been too deep for them to come along. They were filled with exuberance when they saw each other. A pair of happy dogs is pure joy.

Later Bill and Cody joined up with us. Cody does this funny thing where if a horse behind him gets too close, he starts to jig. He likes to be in front. Bill had to whirl him around a few times to get him to settle into a nice walk. All three horses were stellar...although my brumby did try to bite at the dogs a few times.

Today when I went to get Lilly she was Queen of the Snow-and-Haypile. Sometimes the snowpiles get so huge by the fences, that if a horse wanted to, it could easily step over the fence, into the road and then go where ever it wanted to. But they see that electric line and very rarely take the chance. They really only ever get out is if the line is physically down on the ground and somewhat hidden. Then they get out and wander across the street to a "greener pasture."  It is not too often they actually take off running. But Bill does have a few stories where that has happened.

Christine's sciatca kept her in bed today, and with Jackie K and Bill out getting hay (to prepare for snowy weather coming mid-week), Lilly and Getty and I headed out alone. Here my brumby paused to give this pothole a hairy eyeball.

The road was soft enough here that I was able to get her up in a nice canter. She would have galloped all the way back to the barn if I let her. A canter is such a glorious thing. I confess all of my pictures today looked completely the same. So I only have a few to post. By the time we got back to the barn, it was much colder and it was snowing. At the barn Bill was back so he trimmed up Lilly's toes a tiny bit and out into the pasture she went.

At home I practiced my tap dancing. Brandon gave me these shoes for Valentine's Day. Aren't they the most marvelous shoes ever? It is like magic when I put them on.

Stay warm, everyone, and take heart: Spring will be here in two shakes of a lamb's tail! Or two taps of a wing-tipped tap shoe!


lmel said...

Mopey skies--I love it! What a great description. We've had the same weather up here too, grey and grey with rain and snow showers. Today, it was snow and quite lovely early this a.m. No riding still--getting the carpal tunnel hand to heal up. So we went to Dover Saddlery and bought stuff. Always fun!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Boo bad weather coming - yay fancy kicks to step out in!!

Willow said...

Lilly on the haypile ... hilarious . She looks like she is giving you the stink eye lol
Tap shoes beautiful ~
Great hobbies~ horses and hoofing it ....tappity tap tap !

juliette said...

We have the same sad skies. Yesterday was very sunny and terribly windy but I rode anyway just to be in the sunshine.

Love the tap shoes! I am a tapper too - so we could do a few buffalo steps together someday!!!

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