Slice o' Spring

Sunday, March 10, 2013

We could not have asked for a nicer weekend. Mother Nature must have been in a really great mood. Not only was the weather in the high 40s, it was sunny and bright--and on top of all of that, it was actually the weekend when people have time to frolic. So on Saturday, guess who was plucked from the pasture for a little mosey down the trail?

Christine was on QTee, I was on Lilly, and Bill decided to take Freddie. I tried to get a picture here of Bill leading Freddie without a lead rope. Freddie was just happy to amble along after Bill. One time Bill was walking Freddie just like this and unknown to Bill, the saddle had slipped around Freddie's belly so it was hanging underneath him. Gasp! But Freddie kept calm and carried on, walking along as usual. Would Lilly have been so calm in the same situation? Doubtful!

With all the snow, the horses aren't running in as much space as they usually are. So it is so nice to give them a change of pace and scenery. We heard not one complaint. 

Up by the old Harris house and the Big Pasture where Freddie usually spends his time, he had a moment of weakness. He stopped ambling behind Bill and started to wander to the gate. He looked into the Big Pasture and then back at Bill. And back at the Big Pasture. And back at Bill.

It took him several seconds and some cheerful encouragement from the humans.....but he turned and came back to Bill. That earned him a treat from Bill's pocket. (Bill, the closet treater.) It was so funny how all eyes were on Freddie for a minute. Would he take off like a shot for the BP? Or would he stick with the little herd? Herd wins!

I took this picture to show you how Lilly's ears usually are on a trail ride. Here she is carrying me and following two horses, the same horses she's probably trying (and failing) to boss around all day. Her ears are making her look pretty sour. In the next picture you will see how they change when two people appeared on the road ahead of us.

Now's she interested!

Back at the barn the other horses lazily greeted us. An entirely fabulous lounging day. For more views of the day, check out this video that Bill made:

Looks like someone is shedding! Surely Spring is on its way!

Happy Trails!


Willow said...

OH you western MA riders are such troopers , upside down saddles and all ..Freddy you are too cute. Enjoyed the video time will have some popcorn ready ;)

Melody said...

It was beautiful this afternoon. We took ours for a walk too, out thru the snowy cranberry bogs! Don't mind the snow all, but the mud as it melts is a bit much! Ours seem to find rolling in the mud a great sport. How do you keep Lily so snowy white??? Bleach? he he

Marissa Rose said...

I used to ride a horse that NEVER put her ears forward if I was on her. She always had her ears cocked back towards me, because she was paying attention to me....but she always looked so sour!

lmel said...

Harley is the same way--following, ears are out sideways, but out front--on high alert and forward! Gotta watch out for spooky things. Wasn't it a lovely weekend, even with the fresh snow? I finally got back on board and went for two awesome rides on Rolex Girl. Yippeeee--spring is comin'

Paint Girl said...

Yeah! Spring! Looks like you all took good advantage of some warmer temps.. oh wait. You all ride no matter what! Lol! I feel so bad because here you all are riding in such harsh and cold temps and I will not ride in rain. I feel like such a bad horse mom.
We did have 2 days of spring like weather but the future forecast is calling for extreme rain all week with flooding. So I will have to wait a little longer until I put Chance back in training.

juliette said...

Happy rides of spring on your Lilly girl, ears and all. That Freddie is a good boy. I love how you call it "the old Harris house" so wonderful your neck of the woods up there!

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