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Sunday, March 31, 2013

 I keep forgetting this is Easter weekend. But because it is, I will begin my blog post with a strange little Easter rabbit sitting in an egg.

Saturday morning Bill and I both were in the ring. The sun was out but the wind was blowing. All the same it was very nice down there. Bill was trying to get Cody to have a more comfortable trot. I was working on some ground work with Lilly but then did a little collection work and a tiny bit of loping. 
Before I went down to the ring, Bill gave Lilly a tiny trim? Or was it after? Oh dear , I cannot remember! You see, I am doing this blog post with a new computer. Naturally I am totally lost. That's how computer savvy I am. Absolutely no proper instincts at all. My old desktop was an antique and so the sleek awesomeness of the new one is totally baffling. In any case, Lilly's feet got a little trim--verrry little.
This morning, I was back at Bill's again. Bill and I had been analyzing the canter (or the lope I guess I should say), and I wanted to go down in the ring and get it right. Lilly and I lope all the time. But it's always in the trail. So here it is springtime of another year and once again I am back working on getting a nice, comfortable, collected lope in the ring. And as usual, Lilly was not too interested. Bill dashed off to his daughter's for Easter dinner and Lilly and I remained in the ring where she clearly let me know that not only did she not want to canter, she certainly did not want to do it in any kind of circle. Or an oval. Or anything really recognizable as a shape at all. So it was not pretty, this power struggle between horse and rider. But Lilly is overall very mellow and I am overall very quiet, so to an untrained passer-by, I bet we looked perfectly normal.
Lilly and I actually worked up quite a sweat! So when we were done with all of that I took her saddle off, clambered on her bareback and did a few slow loops around the ring. That is yet another thing to perfect: bareback riding! After I put Lilly back in the pasture, the donkeys were hoping to get a carrot handout. Naturally I obliged.
Uh-oh! Loose cows!!!!!!!!

Happy Sunday Night, everyone! 


Willow said...

Oh you alway make me smile ... "Uh oh loose cows"!
Sounds like a work out today with you and Lilly, good to work up a sweat now and then. Have a good week, see you around the corral back her next Sunday ;)

Willow said...

Or back "here" next Sunday my kin from the south would understand " see ya back "her" next Sunday" hee hee

Melody said...

It is funny how horses let us know what they think of our bright ideas, without saying a word...
I rather like your bunny with his giant egg!
Happy late Easter eve! :)))

juliette said...

Happy loping and bareback riding on Easter! Perfect! And carrots to bunny-looking donkeys!

Anonymous said...

That cow is having a derp moment. DERPDERPDERP!

Paint Girl said...

Looks like your snow is finally melting off! Sounds like you had a great weekend riding Lilly. The donkey is adorable, I have always wanted a donkey. Maybe I will get one when we move to our big ranch, which isn't anytime soon, but I can dream!

lmel said...

Juliette is right! The donkey's ears are rather "rabbit-like"! Sounds like you are working on stuff I need to do to--circles, ovals, all that ring stuff. Looks like you and Lilly are facing off in the ring. :)
You still have a lot of snow too--but it's melting fast!
Man, I don't know what Harley would think of loose cows.

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