Just a little ole spring day

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yesterday I was so mad that I didn't get a chance to see Lilly, so busy I was with my new and baffling computer. Bill sent me an email on Saturday night saying I had missed Sophie, the little pony up the road who had come for a visit. Sophie has a few issues to be worked out, and feet that needed a trim badly. Enter Bill! He brought her down to the farm, got her feet started and made this video:
The picture right here was taken today when I arrived t the farm, delighted to see Sophie at the farm again, this time meeting Bill's herd. (Notice how everyone is interested except my brumby who could not be bothered to leave the hay trough). Sophie is a squealer. Like a little piglet! But also cute as a little black button. To see the video of Sophie meeting the herd and making quite a few squeaky noises about it, watch this video: 

After the Sophie excitement, Christine and I saddles up Lilly and QTee, took the dogs and went down the road for a nice Sunday amble. The trail is still icy, but the road was perfect. It was terribly windy at times, the kind of wind that is a wee bit scary as it howls through the trees, but we sallied forth, QTee with much spring in her step, and Lilly walking slow as molasses. 

 It never fails that even after offering the horses gallons of water in the barn and they refuse it, suddenly they are dying of thirst out on the trail. If the streams they prefer to drink from are down in a little gully, we really have to become master yoginis to stay on while they take their own sweet time slurping up the fresh water. Here is QTee insisting that she get some water. Lilly soon followed, only to flap her lips in the water.

One must be careful not to go head over teakettle into the watery ditch! Shortly after this picture was taken, something magical happened: Christine and I heard the season's first peeper! Sounding like a small, determined bird, the tenacious peeper peeped a few unmistakeable peeper chirps, was joined for a split second by another and then was quiet again. We were thrilled. 

Certainly not a bad way at all to spend the afternoon! Mother Nature, we thank you.


Willow said...

I like the slow as mollases attitude of Lilly in howling wind. We took our guys out in the wind today and they were definately looking for ghosts and doing the prancy hoofing in the gusts.
Oh I love the foggy peepers, our froggy peepers started a few weeks ago hereabouts. I even posted some cute blog photos about some different kind of fuzzy wuzzy peepers ;) peep peep.

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Looks like a pleasant ride with signs of spring on the horizon!

lmel said...

Oooh--the first peeper! I was just thinking about them today as we rode past vernal pools. Soon, I think?
How about that wind! Man, what a windy winter we've had.

Willow said...

Little note : Don't miss the tortoises over at my place this post ... I know YOU and your animal loving self will truly like them , not sure if Lily will ;)

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