Oh Wonderful Weekend!

Monday, June 10, 2013

You may think that after being at Walt Disney World (where dreams come true), that a weekend at home might not be anything to sneeze at. WRONG! Where I live, every weekend is a mini vacation! There may not be any roller coasters, but there is a.....

BRUMBY!!! Now, do you see how patient my brumby is while I am off snapping pictures?  While Christine was at work and Bill busy repairing something else, Lilly, Getty and I headed out alone: three chicks in the wilderness.

We decided to go along the Parallel Trail. There is a little of everything on that trail--some water, some steep hills and beautiful scenery, both wooded and open. There is also a little cottage in the woods that is so immaculately maintained I get a burst of happiness just looking at it. Maybe the next time I go by I will snap its picture.

It is really beautiful now that everything is green again. This is the winter pasture that we cut through to get to the blueberry pasture. The hay is so high that Lilly did not even have to bend down to sneak mouthfuls of it. One time Bill and I were riding through this pasture when the hay was this high and a turkey unexpected flew out of it. You never know what sort of creature might be lurking in the tall grass! That's when a nice and mellow brumby comes in handy.

At the gate of the winter pasture, right across the road is the gate to the blueberry pasture. It was open so we walked on into it to visit Bill who was trying out that sickle bar he had been fixing earlier in the week.

This was a great training opportunity for my brumby, as the tractor was very loud, the open pasture was very inviting both to nibble at and to run through, and the dog was creeping around like a little bear. Over by the blueberries themselves a guy was using a chain saw to cut down a tree. Lilly did not want to stand still for pictures. She was very good but I think she was also wondering what the heck was going on.

Here is Bill busy fussing with his camera. Isn't the pasture so wonderful for horses?

On Sunday I told Bill I'd ride Sophie. She needs to be ridden to keep up with all the other training Bill has been doing with her. She is such a darling. In the ring she was obediently beetling all over. Compared to my slow-as-molasses brumby who also has no particular affinity for ring work, this little pony had the merriest legs in town. First we zipped around the ring. Then we zipped over the bridge and though the tiny stream. Then she climbed aboard the horse teeter-totter. Zip zip zip!

One of the nice things about riding this pony is that because she is so small, I feel I can manipulate her easily. And this little thing is as responsive as they come. Bill made a video, but then had technical difficulties with it. I have not yet seen it, but when it is available on YouTube, I will post the link here...for all you pony lovers!

Needless to say, it was quite a fabulous day. Good pony. Now, if only we could convince Bill and his wife to buy this pony and keep her for their new granddaughter who will be born in October! By the time that kid can sit on a horse, this little pony will be even better than she is today! You know how little girls love horses.

After riding, I tried to befriend our neighbor's pigs. They were shy at first....

But soon enough, they came over to investigate the camera!

So, even though I really loved Disney, I love being at home too!

I still have not yet gotten my bow out at the farm. There is not enough time in the day! If only the days were 34 or 44 hours long! Then I could maybe fit everything in! In any case, next weekend, I will be making an attempt to move closer to mounted archery!!!! Don't miss it!

For now, dear blogging friends, goodnight and fare thee well.

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lmel said...

I'm waiting with baited breath for the mounted archery! I have a bow, I have a horse, but I haven't the nerve to play with both at the same time!
Love your pasture pictures--big pastures = happy horses :)
Wish my Harley was as quiet as your brumby sometimes. I'd love to be able to ground tie him.

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