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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This past weekend was my birthday!!! Naturally, I only wanted things for my brumby. 

Look at some of the cool things that came my way. All PINK because Lilly loves pink things. You should see her hooves once she becomes Lady Twinkle Toes. They dazzle!!

And she also got a pretty bitless bridle that I love even though it is not bubblegum pink. I confess, I might like this one more. It looks western-ish and matches her saddle. Not too shabby, brumby!! Unfortunately, the second day of having this new bridle, Lilly had a huge bloody sore on her throat right where the straps cross and we had to use an old bridle to keep her comfy. I am pretty sure it was a terrible bug bite that caused the sore, but I will have to make sure it wasn't the new leather. Now that's what we don't like about summer: BUGS!

I've taken a while to blog because this past weekend we were out of town for my birthday. Pictures of that adventure will come at the end of this post. But as soon as we got back, the very next day I headed over to see Lilly and try out her birthday gear on her. Here she is sporting her new bridle on the trail and feeling like she is in heaven because she is surrounded by yummy ferns.

We took the River Trail. This is one of my favorite trails even though to get to the river, the trail is pretty steep.  Then, if you want to ride your horse in the water, there is no easy way to get to it. But it can be done with a tiny bit of bravery.

We came upon this fallen tree which I know I have gone over on horseback before. It doesn't look so high in the photo, but since I was alone, we bushwhacked around it. There is no sense in having my brumby freak out mid-straddle. Honestly, the hillside was so steep on either side that I am not sure it was any less dramatic taking the route we did. But you must admire a horse who will do anything you ask her to.

At the barn, Bill was working on this hay-mower. I think he called it a sickle bar. Whatever you want to call it, it looks scary. This thing looks like it could snap off a finger with ease. Ouch!

In my last post I mentioned that my next post would be about brumbies, bows and arrows. Well, that IS coming, but I haven't gotten to that yet. Not enough time to do all the cool things begging to be done! However, below you will find a few snapshots from our weekend.

If you are going to celebrate a birthday, you might as well really celebrate your birthday! There is Brandon in front of the world's biggest ball of twine. Just kidding, you know what that is.

Oh yes, we rode that! We heard some bloodcurdling screams comimg from this direction and said: We must find that!

And this is what we look like riding it.

We really will ride just about anything. This one too.

We saw some fruit bats hanging around....

...and posed with some otherworldly musicians.

OK,  until next time, farewell!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Disney World is great and all, but Twinkle Rainbow Dust... for realz?! You are one lucky lady.

Happy Birthday to you! (((♥♥♥)))

Once Upon an Equine said...

Happy Birthday. Looks like it was a fun one. I think fruit bats are fascinating.

Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

Happy Birthday! Love all your new stuff.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

OMG! Twinkle Toes and Twinkle Rainbow Dust are just too cute. Happy Birthday! Oh, and that bitless bridle is to die for...

juliette said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Sorry this is late! You didn't need my silly ol' birthday wishes to have a great time! You and Brandon crack me up on that ride!

love sweet Lilly - poor honey with the bugs. Love all your new pink birthday things and bridle - so great!

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