Haunting the Horses

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Well, you know I love Halloween. Each year I try to frighten my brumby. Each year my brumby sees me and thinks with a sigh, NOT AGAIN.

I mean, what is so scary about a floating, dismembered head? It's a good thing Lilly has such a good head on her shoulders. If you'd like to see a video of me attempting to frighten my brumby, just click right here. You may get a kick out of it!  

(more video fun here)

The weather is definitely changing. For the most part, October has been mild. But the last few days have been chillllly. You see smoke coming out of chimneys. If you forget to put your car in the garage, in the morning you have to scrape frost off the windshield. You are glad to see your brumby's coat getting wooly. Old Man Winter is on his way.

Saturday I spend a few minutes getting my saddles ready for the cold weather. This is my Big Horn saddle. It gets the full on fleece attack. Yes, it is pink. I have Karen P to thank for it. Plainly it is awesome.

Today I puttered around in the ring. I thought Christine might show up and I know she likes the ring. Plus, the ring is perfect for concentrated lessons. But yesterday Lilly, Getty and I were out on the trail. At times the sun was out, and other times the sky looked gray and ominous. Plus >gulp< it was windy.

There were a few massive gusts of wind that made me think maybe I shouldn't even be out there. It's not because it is cold--it's because I don't want any limbs or trees falling on me and Lilly. What are the chances, right? But anyone can have an unlucky moment. Speaking of trees, isn't this giant burl pretty awesome?

There is Lilly patiently waiting for me while I was off taking pictures of that burl. This was a particularly windy part of our ride and I thought the wind might spook her enough to send her shooting off down the trail. But no, she stayed put. And that giant orange bow on Getty is because it is bow season and I forgot her safety vest.

It is amazing to me how well this horse and dog know the trail. They know exactly where to go. Meanwhile there are places that I still have to look for a trail marker to make sure I am in the right spot. So much for having a big ole pre-frontal cortex! Compared to these animals, I am an idiot!

Lilly sure loves her tractor! She only gives it a second look when the bucket is raised high in the air.

 Sometimes it is fun to spy on the horses. But they always know I am there.

After my ride, I went inside to meet Bill's new granddaughter. And look who's hogging the baby!!!

One large and very cute nose.

TWO very large noses.

Happy Halloween! May your week be filled with creepy adventure.


juliette said...

Happy Halloween! Your photos are always fantastic! Wow - that is a great pink saddle fleece! Bill and granddaughter - too cute!!!! Brumby is the best ever - she stands so well in the woods. I dream of training my boys to do that - not sure I have enough time - I think that would take me many years!!!! Sorry for the ! you know me -

Melody said...

Apparently, you are NOT that scary.... you will have to try harder next year... ha ha ha
Saturday was REALLLY windy here too, but my wee pony was a good boy anyway, and we weren't taken out by any flying branches either ~ Yeah! all around! Love your fuzzy seat cover!!

Willow said...

Ha ha Always love reading your post ! I know what you mean about something sometime just happening ...I got dumped out of the pony cart at a fast clip when the afghan came undone from the pony cart seat and tangled in the spoke ~ then "plop" out I go rolling down the hill as we turn the corner and the cart tipped slightly. Tink with the cart lighter despite the one jammed tire, kept totting right along without me . Luckily my big spotted pony and myself ended up being just fine !

Once Upon an Equine said...

Beautiful Fall riding, you have there. And you both have lovely noses. Happy Halloween. One of my favs too.

lmel said...

Lovely photos as always of the fall trails. I got a good chuckle out of you trying to scare your brumby and the others. It looks like she was giving you a good look though, as you lurched up to her! I tried that with Harley and he DID think I was a monster. The movement just wasn't right for it to be friendly 'ole me with a snack.
As Juliette says--wish I could train ours to ground tie. Rolex might do it, but Harley and Ruffy would head for home in a heartbeat!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

LOL! The video of you trying to spook your Brumby cracked me up. She is so brave and you were so creepy! lol! It looks like she is used to your silliness, though. lol!

The burl is creepy, too. Looks like something you'd see on the Elephant Man.

Hope your Halloween was Happy!

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