Rain In the Morning and a Mystery Solved

Friday, November 1, 2013

First, a congratulations to the Red Sox!!

Today I had the day off! I got up early and zoomed over to see my brumby. Nevermind that it was raining. A little rain never hurt anyone. Out in the pasture Lilly was gobbling up hay, wedged in between Ruby and Charlie at the hay rack. It took a few minutes before I saw how dirty she was. She was so dirty I almost fainted dead away right into the manure under my feet.

It was like Lilly was wearing a suit of mud! I tried to groom her with her special pink brush. Hopeless. Did this mean she had been rolling around in the mud? This fascinates me. In the muckity muck?? Ugh. I did not want to put her saddle pad on her. And frankly, I hate getting tack wet in the rain. So I decided that we would just walk.

Out into the road we went. It was really raining! I became drenched immediately. There were also the occasional gusts of wind. A few times it was like a blizzard with leaves instead of snow! As long as everyone would stay calm, it was magnificent! This photo reveals the perils of a windy day. Do you see that limb on the ground? Luckily, it did not come crashing down as we wetly ambled by.

Look how camouflaged my brumby is in this photo! Why, you can hardly even see her in the picture!

The pictures do not show the rain. I began to think it was quite an imperfect day. But then reconsidered: I am in a beautiful landscape with amazing leaf action, a fabulously kind and calm brumby, and a day off from work. It does not get more perfect than that.

We did not see a single hunter.

But that did not stop me from wearing my orange pants!

I am still seeing mushrooms! Look at this little guy. Its common name is Witch's Butter. It is edible. Brandon tells me that you can put sugar on it to make a mushroom candy...but something tells me he is making that up to see how gullible I am. Mushroom candy? Gross. Wonder how the trick-or-trreaters would have liked that!

All of my pictures look the same! Every time I got the camera out, it would get soaked. Perhaps the most annoying part of this story is that as soon as I had Lilly back in the pasture and was running errands, the sun came out and all the clouds vanished into thin air. Good one, Mother Nature.

Now I have to tell you about the last part of my day. I have always wanted to figure out the Mystery of Bird Hill Road. Today I decided to figure it out. Near my house there is the sign in this photo. But if you follow the road, it turns out to be someone's private driveway! So today I decided to start at the other end of Bird Hill Road and see if it ends anywhere at all near this sign.

I just couldn't figure out why there would be a sign there for a road that did not exist. Brandon kept insisting it was there--I just wasn't looking in the right place. It was starting to feel like Narnia. From the other end of Bird Hill Road, Getty and I hiked for a while in the woods. Then we found this sign. Which did not clarify one thing.

We were in the middle of nowhere! And the road kept getting smaller and rockier, no road that a car could travel. We even passed a tiny family cemetery which would have been super creepy if it had not been so quaint and sweet in its own way. Not a bad place to rest old bones. Still, we forged on.

Finally we turned up very near the driveway that I always mistakenly think is Bird Hill Road. These trees must have fallen at that end of the road a long time ago and when the road was not cleared it just sort of disappeared back to forest. Thank goodness that small mystery is solved. Nancy Drew would be very proud of me. Nothing like a little legwork to get to the bottom of it all.

Now, onto the rest of November!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Interesting mystery of Bird Hill Rd...and such a lovely walk to enjoy with your sweet Brumby, despite the rain.
Loved the bright orange pants! Can't imagine where one would buy them. :)

The Witches Butter is fascinating, especially because the wood it is growing on resembles a witch's broom! Wow!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Orange legwork - even better! I think only witches would like mushroomy candy...

I ♡ the picture of Getty and your calm, calm Brumby. :D

Melody said...

Great sleuthing Nancy! Great little cemetery~ I love how your Brumby stands there so nice to have her picture taken!! :))))) We had CRAZY wind here near the coast on Friday ~ but Saturday was much better behaved! (did see one hunter though... bow season ~ seems extra scary. :(((((( )

lmel said...

Cool orange pants! Tis the season to get out the blaze orange. Saturday was opening day in Maine for residents.
Wasn't that crazy weather on Friday? I too had it off, but skipped the riding since there was a downpour in the late afternoon. But then it cleared out, but too late.
What a grubby brumby--the perils of mud...

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