A true Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Brrrr, we are having a frigid and wintery Thanksgiving Day!

But seriously, who would have known that this little, pink loving person would grow up to have so much to be thankful for? Today when I went over to Bill's to see Lilly, it wasn't hard at all to pick out so many reasons to have a happy Thanksgiving.

Thankful for.......a beautiful brumby.

Thankful for......resiliency and the vibrancy of life.

Thankful for.....a wooly coat on a wintery day.

Thankful for.....a warm sun and protective lean-to in the bitter wind.

Thankful for....variety and difference.

Thankful for.....a best friend.

Thankful for....cute neighbors.

Thankful for.....endless curiosity.

Thankful for....a loving and comfortable home for my brumby.

May your stomach never grumble
May your heart never ache 
May your horse never stumble
May your cinch never break

Happy Thanksgiving to you.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Big ♥♥♥'s to you and yours! There's lots to be thankful for isn't there? Yes, there is.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Lovely post. Fun critters that add up to happiness.

juliette said...

Happy, grateful Thanksgiving every single day! I just adore the photo of you as a little - pink and wonderful already. And the current pictures say it all. You are surely the most blessed with all those furry friends up there in Bear River!

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