Joyful December

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Last weekend I was not riding my brumby because I was in Maine hanging out in gorgeous scenery like this.

I love how in Maine you can get strawberry milk from a farm called Smiling Hill. That is too wonderful.

Here I am (literally) at Land's End on Bailey Island.

Today however, I was back with my brumby. When she saw me coming, first she had a little skirmish with Ruby at the hay rack. And then she willingly walked to the gate to accompany me to the barn. Such a good girl! Maybe she knew I had carrots for her. I found this orange tape all snarled up in her hair.

It has snowed a little last night and this had me worried about Lilly's feet because she has shoes on, but without the rubber rings that prevent snow and ice from building up under her foot. It is also hunting season so before we left, I had to do quite a bit of bedazzling.

Bill decided to come with me on Charlie. I offered to bedazzle Charlie with some bright pink ribbon, but Bill declined, saying Charlie was a gelding. Bah! So instead, Charlie got orange.

In Massachusetts, you can't hunt on Sundays. So I know I should just wait until Sunday to ride. I just hadn't seen Lilly at all the weekend before, so I was just dying to ride her adventurously. The reward was great: the woods were magically beautiful.

Bill pointed out that riding along with hunters might not only mean your horse could get shot, it could simply mean that the sound of a shotgun may be very alarming to your unsuspecting brumby ambling along the trail. We ride on posted land...but that does not mean the owners of the land do not hunt there, or allow their friends to do so.

Anyway, today to be safe, we were only on the Short Trail, and then we went on the road...which is quite like a trail itself, especially after a magical snowfall.

Sometimes when we are first on the trail, the horses feel like coiled springs. They feel like they just want to run and run and let it all out. But then, they settle down and the ride is wonderful. That is, as long as I have Toe Warmers in my boots! Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

Back at the barn, I had Bill pop Lilly's shoes off. That way, no teetery, snowbally high heels. And then  tomorrow, before the Patriot's game, Bill told me he can put her winterized shoes on.I took this picture to show how flat Lilly's feet are, and how she has no heels! Good grief, her feet are as strange and complicated as her temperament is warm and placid.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

No Sunday hunting here either, but that doesn't stop the random "target practicing". Bedazzling is a good idea!! Speaking of safety + decorating, have you heard of rhythm beads?

Charlie is very handsome. :D

Kalin said...

I love the pink on her, so cute!

lmel said...

No hunting in Maine on Sundays either--yipeee! We're close enough to NH to hear a lot of rifle cracks and it's good that the horses are used to hunters in the vicinity--gives them a start, but they don't spook badly. I think we only have one more week of deer season. Whew!
Love the bedazzling! Especially against the snowy enchanted forest.
So you were in Maine? Dang--so close to us. We're about a half hour inland from the Wells exit on 95 (and it's a short cut to miss the York tolls)--if you go that way.

juliette said...

Those pictures in Maine are just perfect - what a fun getaway!

Lilly looks wonderful bedazzled. Your trails are magical - I wish those hunters wouldn't spoil it up.

Poor Lilly and her feet. As you say, her disposition is perfect. Why can't we have everything?!?! Magical woods, but hunters. Sweet Lilly, but sad feet. Ugh. Guess we have to wait until the next go round - heaven will be filled with miles of trails with no hunters and sweet ponies with solid feet!

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