Mother Nature So Fickle

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Well. After being so frigid for days, you would not believe how warm it got today! It may have been in the 60s. It felt TROPICAL. This meant the snow was melting like mad. But was a pretty good day for a ride.

I started out a few minutes earlier because my brumby is so slow walking to the trail head. And then I had Getty who I must keep on a leash until I pass the house with chickens. So we were down the road waiting for Christine and Bill. And then, through the mist and fog, I saw them.

Christine went rogue and didn't have a helmet on. That's Bill up there on Cody and Christine had the pleasure of riding QTEE who was back by the house for a few days instead of being down the road in the BP.

We stopped in the Blueberry Pasture so the horses could drink from the little stream that runs through it. You can just barely see Getty in this picture (upper rightish part of the photo). I mention her because a few minutes later my brumby apparently thought my dog was a coyote and was starting to wig out. Honestly, Brumby, what coyotes do you know that wear little safety-orange jackets????

In any event, the horses got the water they wanted and we returned to the road without incident.

The weather was so strange. We'd pass through a pockets of air so warm it felt like summertime. Yes, summertime. Looks like maybe we won't be having a white Christmas after all. Foggy Christmas instead maybe.

 Not that I am complaining!

This kind of weather always makes me think of fairy tales and stories that have a timeless element to them. The Mists of Brumbyon.

Back at the barn, Bill hurried in the house to start watching the Patriots. But then he came back out with Heidi...who possibly has never seen a horse close up in her whole life!!!! Do you see her looking?

Who didn't see this coming?!!  Well, it is only natural that she should be on a horse eventually! I am honored that my brumby was Heidi's first horseback "ride."

Doesn't get any cuter!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

The foggy trail pix are sublime! Wishing you the veryest merriest Christmas, and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year - full of expeditions avec your delightful brumby! :D

(another little girl ruined on horses forever... better start looking for a mini brumby asap!!)

lmel said...

Awesome foggy photos! In the sixties--Yikes! We had warm weather yesterday, probably 50's, but today, UGH, 34 degrees and rain, freezing rain, yuck. Merry Christmas, and I think it will still be white.

Melody said...

snow fog ~ and teeny riders, all the makings of a beautiful story....
Wishing you and Miss Brumby a very Merry Christmas!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Gorgeous photos! It looks foggy and a bit eerie! Glad you were able to get in a ride! I don't ride in the winter, maybe next winter when Luna is not so "Green." But it is POURING rain here right now. I can't believe it. No snow, no white Christmas. We almost always have a white Christmas. My ponies are wet and muddy! Hope you have a verrrryyy merrryyy holiday my dear!

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