Hunkering Down for the Big Chill

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To quote one of my favorite movies: The wind's comin' up & the glass is falling! Don't like the look of it. (To get the full effect of this quote you must, of course, say it like an Englishman.)

Here's an image from the same movie. In this scene, Katie Nana quits and the wind changes course and blows Mary Poppins into town. Around here, the wind is blowing a nor'easter into town, not a British nanny. But it might be just as exciting!

Bill has quite a few temperature gauges out to keep an eye on things. This morning is was c-c-c-c-cold! I hear the temps are going to keep dropping lower and lower and the snow is going to start flying. What a way to bring in the new year!

With the holidays, I have had a few extra opportunities to ride. I think this shot is from Christmas eve. When we were out in the woods, Lilly was the exact same colors as the landscape.

Brumby can take forever to amble along to the trail. Then when she gets there all she wants to do is dawdle over good nibble spots. I could have entitled this post Operation Slow Start Arrives in Nibble Town.

Here's a surprise: more nibbling!

Up at the BP, Lilly made a perfunctory check for the other horses....

...and then began to promptly nibble on some leftover hay near the gate.

These afternoon rides get cold and dark so fast as soon as the sun sinks down the sky. As much as the sultry days of August were doing me in this year, I was really craving the summertime this week. One good thing about today's date: hunting season is over!

Today I met Christine and we took the dogs up the road. It took a hardy soul to be out today--it was freezing cold even with all my long underwear, hand warmers, toe warmers, puffy pants on.

 My goodness the ring has become an ice skating rink! Mother Nature, will you be good enough to explain this unseemly hullabaloo??? (Hah! That is another quote from the movie!)

Happy New Year to all Horses and their Humans!!


Saiph A said...

The photos of your brumby in the snow-covered woods remind me of a Bev Dolittle painting. :)

Melody said...

Happy New Year!!!!

lmel said...

Happy New Year and stay warm! Big snow comin' Yeehaaaa!

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