A Blanket for Brumby

Saturday, January 4, 2014

That's Brandon and Kestrel leaving for the slopes this morning. I did not envy them dangling from the chair lift in these bitter temps. Besides, I had other plans. I had to make my way to Bill's and see how my brumby made it through the night of -12 degree temps!

Whaaaaaat? Oh no, I didn't!!! Yes, yes, I did!!!! Thursday I became upset thinking that Friday night the temps were supposed to be -20. Bill assured me the horses would be fine. But I whipped myself into a froth worrying about my brumby and on my lunch hour that day made a very mad dash to the Farmer's Exchange though a snow squall to get her a blanket.

When I got there and saw all these wild pink options, I literally dove into the display and started looking for one in Lilly's size. Thank goodness I was not captured on film. I was like a crazy lady. Each time I see this blanket, I LAUGH OUT LOUD. It is hilarious, joyful and perfect.

Even Bill got a chuckle out of this blanket! Click right here for a video that Bill made before the deep freeze set in as he got everyone ready for it. It is very charming in my opinion.

So today when I went to see Lilly, I didn't want to get her all sweaty since it will be bitter cold again tonight. So we just meandered down the road marveling at the beauty of the landscape. I am hoping that after tonight, the blanket will not be needed. As fabulous as it is, it is only for very extreme circumstances.

In my last post, Saiph A made a comment that some of my photos were like a Bev Doolittle painting. Well, I had never heard of Bev Doolittle but googled her immediately. Her paintings are remarkable.  Look for yourself: website here . She paints pintos a lot and paints them so they blend into their environment. I spent a good portion of my walk today with Lilly trying to position her so she'd blend in with the woods, Bev Doolittle style.

Back at the barn, Lilly donned her wild blanket again for the night.

It is true that none of the horses looked cold today. Honestly, they looked like everything was business as usual. Click here for a video of the horses Bill made this morning when it was -12.

Stay warm tonight, Brumby!


Ranch Girl Diaries said...

I just wrote you a nice long comment but my phone wouldn't post it, grrr! Gotta put baby down for his nap but love the blanket and stay warm and cozy! Xo

lmel said...

Geezum--I know right where you're coming from. I drove out to the barn Thursday night--worried about how our guys had fared thus far. First thing I did was a head count, then grabbed halters, threw open the gate and called them up to the barn. I too put blankets on for the first time this year. John relented when I told him about the high winds combined with the temperatures and snow. They were happy to come in that night!
I know--as long as they have lots of hay and water they should be fine, but like you, I worry and fret. You're a good mom to Lily and I would have done the same. Otherwise I wouldn't sleep!
Lucky the there's a running brook in that pasture--no icy buckets to chop, just keep the drinking hole free.
I too didn't ride due to the severe drop--didn't want my fuzzy guy getting all wet with sweat. Aren't we a pair?

Willow said...

Oh my, I think the other horses are jealous of Lily's super cool blanket ! lol

Saiph A said...

I'm glad you enjoyed discovering Bev Dolittle! She's one of my favorite equine artists. Loved your photos trying to re-create her work with your brumby!

And Lily's blanket is insanely awesome! I agree: the other horses are jealous. ;)

juliette said...

Stay warm Brumby and Brumby family and Bill!!! What a blanket - it is so you and Lilly! Fun!

sulman farooq said...

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