Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Those are some ice cubes!

 Do you recognize me in there peering out? Ah, the things we have resorted to doing in these frigid temps!

I found this question in an old Horse Illustrated magazine. I guess it makes sense to not know how to handle snow if you live in a climate that doesn't regularly get snow. But if I were the person answering this question, I would point out that, in my opinion, riding in the snow is some of the best riding you will ever do. I know some people don't ride at all in the winter time. I know--it is COLD. But if you can bear the low temps, a ride through the snowy woods is well worth it.

And if there is no wind, then you've got it made on a snowy trail. Here is my brumby on Sunday, as usual stopping to nibble along the way. 

Check this out! Some oyster mushrooms that are still perfectly perfect in spite of the weather! If they look good enough to eat, it's because they are!

Uh-oh!! Don't you hate it when this happens?? One of the pitfalls of riding under snowy boughs. Carrots, camera and rider all coated in snow. Just don't let any slide down your collar! Brrrrrr.

Even the pictures manage to look better in the winter!

But who are we kidding? I wouldn't mind a few summer breezes coming my way! Well, the days are getting longer.....

I am concluding this post with footprints I observed in my backyard this week. I saw them in the snow and knew right away they were not from Getty. But a Yeti maybe......

When I first saw them, I was shocked by their size. But I thought maybe it was from the neighbor dog. I told Brandon about them that night. He was shocked I had not documented them. (What kind of photojournalist am I?) So this morning, even though they were not as clear, I took some pictures.

I thought that surely this was some canine. We do have bobcats around here...but they are small. We also (supposedly) have mountain lions. But, I thought, is this from a feline or a canine? Canine for sure, I concluded.

And then, eeeeek, I saw this one:

Whaaaat in the sam hill is THAT????????? Getty was going crazy sticking her nose in these prints and smelling them. They got her very wound up!

SASQUATCH ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of my coworkers and even Bill are wondering if Brandon is wearing special shoes around the yard to trick me! Hah! I would not put it past him. But it has been too cold for him to be traipsing around the yard in scary mammal slippers!

 Maybe it is from a bear.

Or a Yeti.

Nothing like some weird footprints in your backyard to make you sleep deeply and satisfyingly at night!


Anonymous said...

That back print does look like it might be a bear . . . I think you do have black bears in your part of the world.

Riding in the snow is great fun, particularly if it's sunny with little wind.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Ohh my! I have NO clue! Scary. Stay warm and yes I agree, a no wind, fresh snow trail ride is magical.

lmel said...

Looks big enough for bear, although I'd think they were hibernating right now. The top one looks too big for bobcat, and not round enough--large coyote? Hmmm.
Yes, it's a bummer when snow falls onto you--but riding in the winter is such fun! Soft footing is the best! Cold, schmold--get out and ride!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Had to be bear i would think because that hinds one was longer? Google their prints. we saw possibly Wolf prints last year (in snow) They were as big as a man hand. Yes snow makes photos beautiful we got a little dusting last night I'm going to try to take some fun pics. My dream is to ride in the snow I haven't since I was a kid. I hope to when it is good fluffy snow with no ice. Is your brumby calm in the snow or does she get silly? :)

Melody said...

that long one looks like bear.... but what self respecting bear would wake up and go walking in temps like this? Got to be SASQUATCH or the yeti.... or a Coyote on steroids?

Anonymous said...

Was there a pattern to the prints? next to each other or in a line. Bear or coyote?

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